Information security is basically the practice the sensitive data and information from unauthorized access in order to protect the data. The unauthorized access to the data may lead to its modification, manipulation, stealth, disclosure, destruction etc. Information security provides the measures in order to protect the data from such access and its loss. Information security is used to protect any type of data which maybe either physical or electronic. Here we basically deal with IT security and its various aspects. The three basic features of information security are confidentiality, integrity and availability.

All the aspects, goals and attributes of information security are based on these three basic principles. Risk management is also involved in the process of securing the data against unwanted intrusions. This process involves assessment of risk, prioritizing the risks and developing a risk mitigation plan to minimize the possibilities of risks which may be posed to the security of information. There are some definite fields which are involved in developing a complete plan for information security. These basically include authorizing the user's access to the data, identity verification process and authentication. Cryptography is another important aspect of the security process which includes the coding of sensitive data in such a way that random people can't decode it.

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