The information management system includes a set of policies which are to be developed by an organisation to protect the information from unauthorised or random access which may lead to severe loss to the organisation. These policies are designed in such a way that the organisation can deal with potential security risks.

With the increased use of technology in every aspect of the various organisations, it becomes imperative that the sensitive information is protected, because the hackers and spammers are always on the look to make a breach in the confidentiality of the organisation. So, in the foremost steps to information security, it is required for the organisation to develop such a policy that can provide a coherent approach to deal with information security.

In the whole process of information management system, there are four basic steps involved include the planning phase in which all the risks are assessed and mitigation plan is developed accordingly, next phase includes the implementation of what has been planned and the next two phases include evaluating the work performance and the very last includes checking the status of all the changes that have been made.

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