ERP is basically software used to manage business processes. A number of applications are integrated to this software used to carry out various business activities. The databases are managed in the database management system which is then used to provide an integrated view of all the processes related to business. It looks after and tracks the business resources required to run the business processes and all the commitments related to business.

Information is made to flow among various departments under business processes and also communication is provided to the external stakeholders. ERP is considered very important for business processes as an integration of various systems of organisation and provides results which are free from errors and are accurate.

The working of ERP is quite different from the traditional systems of planning business functions as it uses various database management systems as a repository of information. It provides numerous benefits for business processes such as improving the efficiency and quality of the same. The decision-making process is made more reliable as it provides information for upper-level management. It develops a process which is a more agile process can adapt to the changes in the business environment better.

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