Marketing Management Assignment Help

Marketing Management Assignment Help

The marketing is a key factor to increase the sale of product and service for any organisation. The advancement in the technology has opened various opportunities to do marketing effectively. In the modern time, various elements are used in the marketing concept such as mobile phones, internet and customer databases etc. Many students now accepting marketing as their career and learn various techniques of marketing either its modern techniques or traditional technique. The marketing is a very challenging field for students as there are many concepts in marketing which make this subject more complex. The students find it difficult to prepare assignment because of tight deadline and clash of different assignments on same time. In this case, assignmenthelp4me helps the students to complete their assignments on time with good quality assignments.

Definition of marketing management

Marketing management is a process of developing strategies and planning to advertise and promote the products and services of the organisation to desired customers in an effective manner. The marketing management consists of different tools such as economics and competitive strategy to analyse industry context. The planning in marketing management is set by analysing the market trends and competitors in the market selling same product and service to consumers. The organisations use SWOT analysis to know about their strength and weakness along with opportunities and threats from the competitors. This helps the organisations to make an effective strategy for marketing.

Various marketing management analysis tools

There are various methods to analyse in the marketing management which are:

  1. Porter’s five forces: Porter’s five forces is a framework which helps the organisation to analyse the competition of business. This framework helps the organisation to identify potential strategy for the business This strategy mainly focuses on five factors such as:
    1. Competitive Rivalry: The organisations must understand the number of competitors in the market and must know the strength of their rivals. The organisations must prepare strategy by analysing the strength of competitors.
    2. Supplier Power: The organisations must have contact with different suppliers of product so that the company switch to other alternatives for low price supply easily.
    3. Buyer Power: The buyers have more power than business and can turn down the price of their product. But if the organisation has more customers then the business has more power than the consumers.
    4. The threat of Substitution: The organisation must take care of substitutions to their products and services. The organisations must keep their price low and easy access to products or services as the best strategy.
    5. The threat of new entity: The entry of new rival in the market is a threat to any organisation. The organisation must take serious notice of it and business must know the strategies of a new competitor.
  2. Analysis of strategic groups of competitors: The analysis of a strategic group of competitors is also known as strategic group analysis. In this strategic group analysis, the position of rivals in the competitive environment of the market is analysed. The strategic groups have different dimensions such as specialisation, brand identification, push vs pull, channel selection, product quality, technological position, vertical integration, cost position etc.
  3. Value chain analysis: value chain analysis is a tool which is used to understand the internal firm activities of an organisation. This tool in an organisation helps to identify the most valuable activity of organisation and helps to enhance other activities to provide a competitive advantage to business over rivals.

What are different opportunities for students in marketing management?

Various areas of marketing management can help organisations to make their career. The expert marketing management assignment help providers have described following fields as most valuable areas for students:

Market research analyst: The market research analyst is the area in which the students can make a better career. The main job of a market research analyst is to collect and analyse the information from the market and help in preparing a strategy for the business. The data can be collected by conducting surveys among people.

Sales Manager: The sales manager is also a good position to start the career for students. The main job in sales manager is to develop the strategies and implementing promotional campaigns to increase the sale of product or service of the organisation.  The students can adopt this area for their future career and help the organisations to increase their sale of products.

Marketing manager: The students with adequate knowledge about the marketing can also become the marketing manager. The main focus of marketing managers is to implement diverse marketing activities to achieve the popularity among people. The marketing managers are also responsible for fixing the price and development of new services as per trends in the market.

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