Contribute to Kerala Flood Relief with Assignment Help 4 Me

The South Indian state, Kerala has been ravaged by heavy flooding. Consequently, millions of people have been displaced. Thousands are stranded in the relief shelters, and it will take years of labour and hefty amounts of money to rebuild the houses and buildings. Many of the people are lingering in the temporary camps without access to essential lifesaving drugs and medicines due to a shortage of the drugs and other basic amenities. It is also because almost 500 drug stores in the state have been partially or entirely inundated due to flooding. The same story is true for the basic amenities as shops and stores have been submerged with water. As per the reports, approximately 14.50 lakh people belonging to 3.91 lakh families are still stuck in 3,879 relief camps across the state.

It is a severe calamity, and already more than 200 people have lost their lives in this unfortunate situation. The rescue operations are still going on, and the government is doing whatever it can. Many areas have been without water and electric supply for days. Many state agencies, corporations and NGOs are coming forward to help the people.

Even then, Keralites need all the help that they can get. While NGOs, state governments and the Centre are doing all they can do to help the people in distress, you can also do your bit with us.

We are contributing 10% of all the sales to Kerala Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund. Thus, you can be a part of a humanitarian relief fund cause just by placing an order with us. It is high time to do something for the cause of humanity while we can.

The process of aiding will not end here. It is our first step towards the humanity with your help. We will continue to contribute to the people who have been the victims of the natural disasters.


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