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Essay writing is assigned to the students at colleges, universities and various other international educational academies. There are various types of essays such as descriptive, narrative, argumentative and many others that are assigned to the students. The students need to have the proper time to collect authentic information and write a well-structured paper. Writing college essays seem to be quite simple when your ideas are robust, and you possess the experience of organizing your thoughts and put them into the document. But it might seem scary as there are some areas which require expert assistance.


Drafting an essay seems like a stressful activity for the students. For writing a perfect paper, there is a need to act in a systemic way. Some of them are mentioned below:
•    Pick a topic: Select a topic that is relevant to your subject and interests you. After that, research on it.
•    Write your thesis statement: The thesis statement is composed of two parts. The initial part defines the topic, and another defines the central point.
•    Write the introduction: The introduction provides an overview of the topic. The length of the document decides the number of paragraphs required to introduce your topic to the reader. The introduction must draw the attention of the reader and depicts the focus of your essay.
•    Write the body: The body of the essay explains your topic. It is divided into two or three paragraphs, each paragraph depicting the different ideas but follows the same structure.
•    Write the conclusion: It concludes the essay and sums up the topic. Brief all the points covered in the body of the essay in the conclusion. 
•    Add the finishing touches: After the completion of the writing part, there is the need to detect and correct the errors such as grammatical, typos and many more.


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