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History involves the study of the past events which are written in the documents. Prehistory is the term that is used to describe the events that occur before written record.

The meaning of history refers both to the discipline of the social sciences that studies and recounts the past events of humanity, as well as to the narrations of true and fictitious events.

The word history derives from the Latin word historĭa, which arose from the Greek word. Its meaning indicates investigation and information.

The term history is quite broad; thus, it is important to explain its different uses. It always refers to a past event.

History can also be understood as the memory exercise that allows connections, analysis, as well as to protect and transmit the events that precede and originate those that occur in the present.

Another use of the word history has to do with the fact that a person or event leaves a mark, changing paradigms, to be remembered for a long time. For example: "Usain Bolt has made history by being the fastest man in the world."

Also, in the area of medicine, the term "medical history" is easily recognised each time we are seen by a doctor, either by a regular consultation or by a particular symptom.

In these stories, doctors and specialists write down the patient's state of health and how it has evolved throughout a treatment, in case of having any special condition.