Geography Assignment Help

Geography Assignment Help

Geography is a branch of learning which includes studying the facts on the concepts of lands, its characteristics, and populace along with the process of the earth. Geographical characteristics of any locations conclude the existence of people and the way they live in harmony with the environment. Therefore, this subject results in understanding relations among nature and human in every possible respect. College-goers enrolled in this subject are not able to invest a wide interval of time on these geography assignments that deprives them of the excellent grades. The list of factors made by university professors that hinder students from submitting their assignments on time is defined as beneath:

  • Lack of sufficient time
  • Lack of proper knowledge
  • Unawareness about university guidelines
  • Lack of skills such as writing abilities, researching as well as proofreading capabilities

What is Geography?

Being a captivating subject, geography is a scientific branch which is dedicated to studying of earth’s oceans, environment, landforms, ecosystems and interactions between environment and human society. It also encompasses the study of prototypes of land use, human population distribution, industries and resource availability.

Branches of Geography

Geography is recognised as inter-disciplinary science that enabled the analysis and observation of anything distributed in earth space. Approach to the geography is divided into two main categories defined as physical geography and human geography.

Physical Geography

It is defined as the field of geography which encompasses the concepts of natural characteristics and phenomena on the earth. It is sub-divided into different branches:

  • Glaciology: The study of physical geography emphasize on the study of inter-dynamics of glaciers and their impacts on the environment of the planet.
  • Geomorphology: It involves studying bathymetric and topographic characteristics on the earth. The science assists in elucidating different aspects linked to the landforms on earth like dynamics and history.
  • Hydrology: It is another crucial aspect of physical geography. It deals with the study of features of earth’s water resources and movement of water dynamics in context to land.
  • Biogeography: This is an indispensable branch of physical geography, and it specifies how species are dispersed on the earth in geographic space. It deals with the species distribution across geological time intervals.
  • Pedology: It is a branch of soil science, involving the study of various soil forms in the natural environment on the earth surface.
  • Meteorology: This area of physical geography is concerned in studying weather patterns of place and process which influence the weather.

Human Geography

This is a branch of geography dealing with the study of how environment and earth surface influence human society. It revolves around the study of the planet, humans along with their environment.

  • Population Geography: Population geography is concerned with the study of how nature of location identifies the growth, distribution and composition.
  • Cultural Geography: Cultural geography is concerned in exploring why a cultural principle varies with place and space.
  • Economic Geography: It is another crucial aspect of human geography, where it encompasses the study of how human economic processes are distributed, located and organised in geographical place and space.
  • Development Geography: It is a branch of human geography which explores the life quality and living standards of human inhabitants across the world. It also attempts to study why standard varies with space and place.

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