Financial Statement Analysis Help

Financial Statement Analysis Help

Financial statement analysis is defined as the examination of profitability, stability as well as the viability of business enterprise as an entire project that it has accepted. This analysis is only executed by the professionals by all available resources present in the company. The overall financial statement is given in the report, to present the financial status of the organization to the top management. It assists the management in making better decisions based on the created financial statement. The financial statement permits the management to create an informed decision related to complete business operation of the company. Performing financial statement analysis is a very difficult task, and it is also not easy for the students to understand it. Students are facing many difficulties who are studying in finance, while doing assignments related to this. The students are assigned with practical as well as theoretical tasks in their assignments which are very difficult to do by them due to many reasons such as lack of time, lack of skills, insufficient knowledge, etc.

Overview of basic financial statements

  • Balance sheet: The balance sheet describes what an organization own and be in debt at that time.
  • Profit and loss account: It documents the earning of the organization in analysis period which is also called an income statement.
  • Cash flow statement: It documents on cash outflows as well as inflows to the organization during the analysis period.

What are the tools used for financial statement analysis?

Various tools that are used for financial statements analysis involve:

  • Trend analysis: It is called as a statement in vertical form in which previous year is taken as a base year, and the value of products in the financial statement will be about a base year which is always determined in the form of percentage. In this, the value of every product in base year will be measured as 100.
  • Comparative Statements: It is known as a statement of the financial stability of the business. It is designed in that manner where a relative study is undertaken for several accounting products, to examine the performance of an activity related to business.
  • Ratio analysis: The ratios of the balance sheet are measured and contrasted with statements of previous years.
  • Proportion Analysis: Arrays of different ratios are available for discriminating the relationship between the sizes several accounts in statements of finance.
  • Common size statements: It is called as a statement in vertical form in which all the items of the financial statement are decreased to a single base.

What are the types of financial statement analysis?

Different types of financial statement analysis involve:

  • Vertical analysis
  • Horizontal analysis
  • Intra-firm comparison
  • Inter-firm comparison
  • Standard analysis

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What are the benefits and limitations of financial statement analysis?

Benefits of financial statement analysis are:

  • It is helpful in the management of inventory with the ratios of turnover or verifies whether you have stock to fulfil the needs of sales figures of the project. So, you can easily track the inventory with the help of financial statement analysis.
  • It also helps you to see the enhancement over time.
  • It offers best ideas to investors to decide on the investment of their funds in a particular organization.
  • The regulatory authorities can assure the organization considering the needed standards of accounting.
  • It is very helpful for the government agencies in the analysis of taxes owed to the organization.

Limitations of financial statement analysis are:

  • In case, no auditing has been done for financial statements; then no one has measured the accounting practices, accounting policies and control of issuer to assure about the accuracy of financial statements. The viewpoint of auditing is considered as evidence for such type of review.
  • The financial statements don’t encounter non-financial problems, like the environment of consideration of operations of an organization or how it treats with the local community. A business documenting outstanding outcomes of finance might be a failure in these specific areas.

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