Financial Service Assignment Help

Financial Service Assignment Help

Financial service is a part of financial systems. There are different type of financial services that are banking service (Debit Card, Credit Card, Saving account, Checking account, Business loans, Merchant Services and cash management), Insurance services (Life insurance, Health insurance, Accidental insurance, Property insurance, Vehicle insurance, )

Types of Financial Services

Banking Services

A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposits from the public and lends money either directly or indirectly through the capital market. It handles cash, credit and other financial transaction. Most nations have institutionalised a system known as fractional reserve banking under which banks hold liquid assets equal to only a portion of their current liabilities.

Different types of business banking services include family:

  • Business Loans- For starting up a business, an adequate amount of capital is required or even for payment and expansions, so for this business loans are taken by companies for further financial assistance they need. In a company business loan is counted as debt and repaid as per the loan’s term and condition.
  • Checking accounts- An account which is easily accessible and allows easy payment of bills and other financial transactions. You can do transaction with either of the three modes-
  1. Writing a check
  2. Automatic transfer setup
  3. Using Debit Card

Investment Service:

Investment is the best thing which a person can do for his/her future. If a person wants to feel safe and secure about their future, The person must invest the cash in somewhere that they can have its benefit and enjoy in the future. The investment is made to gain the interest on the amount of investment. The amount of interest also depends upon how much amount of investment was made. There are several companies which allow a person to invest the money and it can be done in several ways too. The investment can be made in Bank products, Bonds, Stocks Investment funds, Annuities, Saving for college, Retirement, Commodity futures, Security futures, Insurance. These many types of investment options provide the option for a person to choose the investment service which is comfortable for the person and the person can invest the money in the type of investment in which the person feels safe to invest and also has some knowledge about it.

Type of Investment Risk:

If there are many types of investment options that means there are many types of investment risks too.

Some of the Investment risks are mentioned below.

Market Risk:

The risk of the market depends upon the Equity risk, Interest rate risk and the Currency risk.

Equity Risk: The Equity share is all dependent upon the demand and supply of the product or the service which the company offers. It is the risk of losing money because of doping value of the shares

Interest Rate Risk: As the name suggests it is dependent upon the up and down of interest rate.

If the interest rate rises, the market value of the bond will go down.

There are many another type of financial services that are-

Service in the form of plastic money like management of debit card, credit card, debt management (Debt means the money which we have to pay), bills discounting, venture capital, private equity, microcredit, dealing in microcredit etc. You can acquire more knowledge regarding this financial services through contacting our academic experts.

What are the types of financial theories in financial services assignments?

There are generally two types of theories in financial services such as Behavioural finance theories and Corporate financial theories.

Behavioural Finance Theory: Behavioural finance theories provide information about the distinct human behavioural pattern which is associated with consumer purchases and market-driven investments. The behavioural is generally based on a different method such as Stock market behaviour, Quantitative financial analysis, Evolutionary economics and Game theory. Assignments concerned with this concept desired scholars to study crucial investment strategies that directly address behavioural finance theories. Students need to gather matter stock market up and down. It also allows the student to study asymmetry among decision which assists the business owners to attain advanced resource by up-keeping the current resources. The students often find it difficult to solve these assignments because of complex topics and tedious assignments. The students can attain excellent grades in assignment through the assistance from our professional writers.

Corporate Finance Theory: The corporate finance theory generally governs the source of funding as well as the capital structure of the corporation. This theory is mainly adopted by the managers of the corporation who increase the value of the firm for shareholders and seek for financial resources with the help of tools and methods. The main motive of this corporate finance theory is to boost or maintain the increment in the funding of corporation through shareholders. Our expert writers with vast knowledge in the assignment preparation and corporate financing theory assist students to attain high grades in the assignment. The expert writers of our company are well known to academic guidelines of different universities.

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