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Environmental law is also known as natural law. This is a term normally used to describe the network of treaties, statutes, common and customary laws that define the effects of human activity on the natural environment. The students are acquiring environmental law subject to higher studies in the universities. The main purpose of the environmental law is to protect the areas like agriculture, real estate, energy and land use. The students need extensive knowledge of administrative law, property legislation and other laws to have high grades in the assignment. For this matter, the students need to work hard to get high grades on the assignment. The students can get the help from the professional writers of Assignmenthelp4me to assist themselves in environmental law and science assignment.

What is the main purpose to implement environmental law and science assignment?

There are various reasons and purposes for which the environmental laws are developed such as:

Pollution Control: Controlling the pollution is main motive of environmental law. There are many other laws lies under pollution control such as:

  • Air Quality: The air quality law under pollution control governs the emission of polluted air in the atmosphere. The big industries are the main reason for emission of polluted air. The air quality law makes sure that the polluted air coming from industries are under control. This law is specifically designed to protect human health and surrounding environment by eliminating airborne pollutants from the air. The regulatory reports in the air quality help to identify and characterize air pollutants and set the limits for emissions level. Along with this appropriate mitigation techniques are also proposed in air quality law for the industries.
  • Water Quality: The water quality law governs the release of pollutants in the water which includes groundwater, stored drinking water and other water resources. The water quality law is different from drinking water regulations and other water resources. The drinking water regulations designed by keeping in mind the human health factors.
  • Waste Management: The wastes of humans, factories, industries and animals also pollute the environment. The waste management mainly concerns to transport, storage and disposal of waste in all manner that includes hazardous waste, nuclear waste and municipal solid waste etc. This law helps in the proper handling of the wastage and prevent the wastage from getting disperse in the environment. The regularity efforts of waste management include identification and categorization of waste types and transport mediums along with storage and disposal practices of waste.
  • Chemical Safety: The chemical is used in almost everything like from soap to detergent, and this law governs the utilization of chemicals in the human activities and man-made chemicals used in modern applications. The regulatory efforts of chemical safety include the banning to use of specific chemicals for human activities or in consumer products and pesticides.

Resource Sustainability

The resource sustainability is about the preserving the sources of water, mineral resources, forest resources, wildlife and plants. This law is also known as Environmental impact assessment in which different plan, policies, programs and actual projects are determined in favour of the preservation of resources. It allows the use of resources in a better way to prevent its wastage and conserve resources. The ancillary laws of the forest regulate the land acquisition and prescribed burn practices which are necessary for forest preservation. The government agencies mainly apply rules and laws for the preservation of resources. The resource sustainability helps in maintaining the plants and wildlife too as this law helps in preserving the species of animals and plants.

Why do students feel anxiety while preparing environmental law and science assignments?

The environmental law and science assignments are very complex for the students who are new to this field. The environmental law and science assignment covers long terms and many different branches. The students need to have adequate knowledge about different branches of environmental law to prepare quality assignment. The tight deadline for the assignments is another constraint for students as it is difficult for a student to prepare assignment in given time. The students often problems like a clash of two assignments as the students need to finish their homework assignment and academic assignment side by side.

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