What should be the essential features of a website?

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What should be the essential features of a website?

  • 06 Sep, 2018

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A good website always has the following features:

1.       There should be a roadmap for the website so that the users and Google can have an idea of the structure.

2.       The website along with the designs must represent the important information to the clients.

3.       There should a section representing the contact information so that people can contact you.

4.       If you are providing a map, it should have a clear navigation otherwise it would be useless.

5.       If the website is selling something, then it must have a safe selling or payment making process.

6.       You must show your presence on social media on your website so that people can know more about you there.

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The essentials of the websites consist of the various features, but the most important one among them all is the mobile-ready version. It helps the users to access it anywhere in their device whether it is a smart phone, I Pad and tablet.

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Some of the best features of a website are:

·         Easily accessible to all

·         Compatibility on mobile

·         Architecture should be well planned

·         Content should be well-formatted

·         Loading time should be fast

·         The consistency of the browser

·         Navigation should be effective

·         The error-handling should be smart

·         The colour scheme should be appropriate

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If you are looking for the features of an ideal website, here is the answer:

1.       The first and foremost feature is the domain name.

2.       The bar of navigation should be at the top of every page.

3.       It is important that you include the information like email address, contact form and phone number.

4.       Include the hyperlink wherever you mention the contact on the website.

5.       Make sure that keep updating the website with the fresh content and the images.

6.       It is quite important for the website to be responsive.

7.       If you add a blog page, it would be a big plus for your website and add value to it.

8.       Reviews are an important part of the website, have a separate column for that.

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The websites play an important role in the success of the business these days. It can help to attract lots of customers. The aesthetics of the websites such as images, fonts and colours are critical for the branding of the website. Some special features such as mobile friendly, having testimonials, interactive content and the attractive contact page makes a big difference.

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