What do you mean by resource management?

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What do you mean by resource management?

  • 11 Feb, 2019

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In the organisation, resource management is one of the major terminology that is used by most of the project managers of organisations. Resource management is defining as a systematic approach through which overall resources of the project of the organisation such as human resources, Tangible and intangible resources are managed and controlled effectively. Resource management is also considered as sub part of project management.  Human Resource management consists of following phases are as follows:

Phase 1. Pre hiring of employees.

Phase 2. Training and development phase.

Phase 3. Post hiring phase of employee.

These phases effectively performed under Human resource management.

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In an organization, the resource management is the effective and efficient development of a resources of organization when they are required. Such resources include natural resources, production resources, information technology, inventory human skills and financial resources. In the project management, philosophies, techniques and processes as to the appropriate approach to allocate resources that have been developed. These consists, cross-functional versus on functional resource allocation and processes espoused by the organizations such as PMI through PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge).

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Resource management is defined as a process through which organization can efficiently manage their resources. During planning phase of project management, project manager develops resource management plan. The tool and techniques required for resource management are - Resource labeling technique and Primavera tool.

In resource labeling techniques project manager prepare a statistical report about the project and according distribute and allocate resource among team members.

Primavera is a project management software used for resource management. This tool not only create resource management plan, but this tool also creates cost management plan, schedule management plan. Resource management is important process that ensures completion of project within approved budget.

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