What are the rules for effective peer-to-peer communication?

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What are the rules for effective peer-to-peer communication?

  • 27 Aug, 2018

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Effective communication with peers has a great impact on the working of the organisation, and it also increases the level of satisfaction of the employee by boosting their morale. 

Here are some rules that would help you make your communication better:

·         You must focus on building a good relationship

·         Right words should be said at the right moment.

·         The communication channel should be appropriate.

·         Listening to and understanding other’s words at the same time is also a good catch.

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Whether it is an organisation or some personal relation, having effective communication is a must. It helps to build long-term relation with the peers. There are certain techniques that help you to make your conversation interacting. But the most of all is the straightforward and honest behaviour. The relations are long-lived if they have trust among the co-workers or colleagues.
Second is the encouragement to the employees. If the employees talk to each other comfortably and share feedback with each other, they are more likely to be encouraged positively.

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 If you are working on peer-to-peer communication, you must consider the following points:

1.      Understand the reactions of people under different circumstances. People often behave differently in stress. Therefore, prefer to give them some personal space.

2.      Time is the essential element. Make sure you communicate right thing at the right time.

3.      The choice of medium can make a big difference. Be aware of that.

4.      Empathy is the emotion that comforts people. You must think by putting yourself in the other’s shoes; it would help you to communicate in a better way.

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Our performance at work often depends upon the positive relationship with our leaders or co-workers. However, there is no conversation with the boss sometimes, but we cannot avoid talking with the colleagues. Therefore, we must pay attention to the way we talk to each other. Here are some tips that can make our conversation effective:
·         The first step is to know your own communication style. You should understand your way of talking so that you can understand others.
·         Then, you should analyse the good and bad talks you had recently and focused on the changes that you should adopt to improve the bad conversing style.
·         Pay attention to the communication channel that is comfortable for others and tries to use that.

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Being an employee, it is not possible to be alone. You have to interact with others. Here are some ways to carry on effective communication.

1.      Commitment towards building healthy relationships

2.      Understanding others is the main key

3.      Try to avoid the defensive behaviour at criticisms

4.      Be social with the co-workers.

5.      Respect the viewpoints of others.

6.      Try to talk directly and honestly.

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