What are the core competencies of a business analyst?

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What are the core competencies of a business analyst?

  • 16 Aug, 2018

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The business analyst is the person who plays an important role in the projects of the organisation and their digital transformation. Here are the skills that a business analyst must have:

Analytical thinking

It is quite essential for the business analyst to have analytical skills so that he or she can easily understand the situation and take effective decision accordingly. They have to the problem solvers and they must know the actual reason for the problem and can apply possible solutions to it.

Behavioural characteristics

There are some characteristics that a business analyst must have such as he should maintain the trustworthy behaviour and maintain the decorum.

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The various essential core competencies that a business analyst must have are mentioned below:

  • Thinking creatively
  • Making effective decisions
  • Ability to learn
  • Trustworthy
  • ethical

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Business analysts are the part of the company that are responsible for the operational part of the organisation. Here are some must haves for a business analyst such as:

  • Know about the practices of business
  • knowledge of industry
  • understanding of organisational circumstances
  • familiarity with the possible solutions

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Business analysts are required with the particular skills described below:

  •  Skills in communicating orally
  • Teach the team and the personnel working in the organisation
  • Effective and clear written communication skills so that people can understand easily.
  • Skills of interaction.

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Here are the most highlighted core competencies of a business analyst:

1. A leader must have the power of influencing people.

2. He should be a great leader so that the employees follow him.

3.A business analyst should help people to express their ideas and thoughts and participate effectively.

4. He should be able to get the whole team to work together.

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