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What are Arguments and How to Present it?

  • 17 Apr, 2019

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An argument is defined as a process of arguing or reasoning and discussing a specific topic. It is considered as one of the major parts in an essay or a research paper. A basic example of an argument is that they made a compelling argument for our employees.
In order to present an argument in an essay, steps are outlined-
1. State your thesis clearly
2. Provide a background
3. State your burden of proof
4. State your evidence in a clear and simple way.
5. Anticipate disagreements
6. Summarise your position carefully and simply
However, arguments play a very important role in structuring an essay in a better way.

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Typically, an argument is defined as a coherent series of reasons, statements, and facts to support or describe a viewpoint on a topic. it is one of the major parts of an essay. To write a well-detailed essay, arguments are the key source through which an author can write an essay with the relevant format.

To present an argument, the following steps are considered:
Step 1. Make sure that the questionnaire and the topics of the essay are correct and clear understanding of the readers.
Step 2. Support your argument with adequate reasons.
Step 3. Be clear about the topic
Step 4. Mark your viewpoint in a better way.

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An argument is defined as the exchange of views i.e. heated or angry one. moreover, an argument is considered as one of the major element in an essay or paper. typically, an argument is a way through which the author can write an essay in a proper way. Example of argument is, however. There are several types of arguments such as Deductive, Inductive, Formal and Informal.

Arguments are presented in several ways:
• Create a clear and firm and debatable thesis
• Provide key and valuable background information regarding topics
• Focus on transitions
• Perform effective and deep research
• Incorporate logos and ethos

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An argument plays a very important role in order to nurture the structure of an essay.  To write a research paper, establishing arguments is very important. There are many ways to establish an argument through which an author can mould his writing style and produce better outcomes.

Ethos- Give yourself a credibility audit
Logos- Focus on quality rather than quantity
Pathos- Focus on the logic and not on the logic
These are the selected ways of writing an argument effectively.

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