Explain the various code of ethics possessed by the professionals within an organization?

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Explain the various code of ethics possessed by the professionals within an organization?

  • 07 Feb, 2019

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In the organization, there are several sections where organization officials need to overcome. Following code of ethics should be possessed by the organization professionals are-

·       Organization professional should have more proactive towards his work.

·       Professional should perform their duties more effectively.

·       Professional should have all copyrights of the agreements with third parties.

·       Professional should possess high professional knowledge inventory so that he can guide his/her project team during development phase.

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The code of ethics (moral guidelines) that should be followed by company officials within the organization are-

·       Company official does not misuse the resources of the organization.

·       Employees of the company should need to effectively perform their roles and responsibilities.

·       All employees of the organization are treated equally.

·       Employees of the organization are protected from mental harm.

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Code of ethics possessed by professionals outlines the ethical principles that govern general outlines of how employees should behave and handles issues like safety, harassment, and conflict of interest.

Code of ethics possessed by the professionals:

Ø  A professional should always consider the welfare of the employees within the organization.

Ø  A professional should protect privacy and confidentiality of organization’s information.

Ø  Accept responsibility of their own work.

Ø  Should present work-related information to the employer in an objective manner.

Ø  Professionals should train their subordinates in order to provide better career opportunities.

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As per my point of view, a code of ethics is a document, which outlines the combination of acceptable behaviors for a social group or professional. Basically, it is agreed by the team members of the group. The document provides a detailed information actions, which are considered inappropriate and appropriate. Commitment to the ethical professional conduct is expected of each member of the Association for computing Machinery (ACM).

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