Define subnetting and a subnet mask?

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Define subnetting and a subnet mask?

  • 19 Sep, 2018

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The logical segmentation of an IP network is known as a subnetwork or a subnet. The process of distributing a single network into two or more nets is known as SUBNETTING. There are several benefits that the subnetting provides to the administrator. They are flexibility, efficient use of network address and capability to hold transmission circulation.

The number that outlines a series of IP addresses that can be used in a network is known as a SUBNET MASK. The Network Address and the Host Address are the two components of an IP Address. The main function of the SUBNET MASK is to segregate the IP Address into its main constituents. 

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 Subnetting refers to the method of dividing one network into two or more smaller networks. Subnetting further is very useful:

·         enhances the routing efficiency,

·         improves the security of the network system and

·         lessens the size of the transmission field.


A Subnet Mask is a 32 or 128-bit number that distributes the current IP Address in a TCP/IP network. Further, the addresses are divided into distinct system and host addresses. A subnet mask can increase the number of IP addresses. With the use of a subnet mask, the number of subnets to be created or the number of network nodes can be chosen.  

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