Criminology Assignment Help

Criminology Assignment Help

Criminology is known as the study of crimes and everything associated with it. It also describes why these criminals behave in some specific manner than normal persons. It also explains certain probable causes for turning into antisocial processes. Writing reports and essays on criminology is indeed a gigantic task. It has been analysed that scholars did not efficiently manage these assignments because of multiple aspects included in it. AssignmentHelp4me offers some of the highly proficient writers that assist students who struggle hard to furnish their criminology assignments. It is obvious that document criminology assignment is not a simple task as there is a need to aggregate historical aspects, large data, legal consequences, historical aspect and long-term effects. That’s why; it is highly feasible to take professional assistance for writing criminology assignment as provided by us. All our academic writers are so knowledgeable and qualified that assignments drafted by these writers never failed to get best remarks from the assessor.

Why it is hard for scholars to draft their criminology assignments?

The assignments associated with criminal laws are problematic to write for all college-goers who are enrolled in this respective academic discipline. Each country has a separate and diverse sequence of guidelines that should be followed. Studying all these guidelines is not a simple task for the students because it needs immense knowledge and potential to document a perfect assignment in the criminal law. Students have to undertake a lot of investigation and research work for documenting the assignments in this educational field. Hence, it becomes difficult for them to draft a perfect report in criminology.

Understanding crime concept

Crime is known as overt behaviour being supported by intent to undertake criminal act. A completely accidental act that amounts to a violation of sanctioned social norms is not considered as a crime. Criminal acts raised from emotional stress will make a person less culpable as compared to pre-mediated act. There are two types of crimes:

  1. Felonies: Felonies are critical offences like smuggling, murder etc.
  2. Misdemeanours: These are ordinary crimes that involve violating traffic rules, a nuisance in public spots and petty thefts. Sociologically defining, non-conformity is a crucial yardstick of criminal behaviour.


Criminology is known as the study of a crime involving its causes, reactions by law enforcement and techniques of prevention. This is a sub-category of sociology that is a scientific study of social behaviour. There are various fields of study that are involved in this field involving statistics, psychology, biology, economics, psychiatry and anthropology. Criminology has various sub-groups that include:

  • Bio-criminology: It is defined as study of biological basis of criminal behaviour
  • Penology: It is study of prison system
  • Feminist criminology: It is study of crime and women
  • Criminalistics: It is study of detecting crime

Targets of Criminology

Criminology is not only linked to prevention of crime, solutions and security of society. Criminology lay emphasise on the causes of crime, i.e. every possible cause for the occurrence of crime. Its objective is to generate different types of professional, scientific as well as practical knowledge in the field of the crime defined as a social phenomenon specifically in its control, treatment and prevention.

Different theories associated with crimes

There exist carious ideologies associated with criminal behaviour along with the control mechanism. Mostly criminology theories are grounded on the factual concept of influencing that regarding the engagement of an individual in criminal activity as a result of eventually integrated circumstances. According to criminology assignment writing professionals, there are two forms of theories defined as biosocial and individual

  • Individual theories: Individual theories describes that traits of criminals are inherent. It is known as postulation that projects a person as a born criminal due to its vicinity to defame social circumstances.
  • Biosocial theories: This is another interdisciplinary theory that involves application from social and biological studies. As per this theory, the violent rage or anti-social behaviour of a person is raised due to unbalanced functioning in the body like hormonal secretion, nervous malfunctioning and intermittent hormonal secretion.

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