Criminal Law Assignment Help

Criminal Law Assignment Help

Criminal law is concerned with crime. When there are no laws in place, then people may go for unlawful activities that pose harm to others. Dealing with criminal law assignment is fairly a complicated process. You might get a scenario which can be open-ended and ask your verdict. Without inculcating prior knowledge of these scenarios, results in poor performance in writing assignments. Hence, if you need criminal law assignment help, then you can contact as our objective is to de-stress the mind of a student by providing timely assignment assistance. Our writers are engaged in drafting academic stuff for a long time, and they have the best knowledge to provide best probable support for a long time. All our criminal law assignment helpers have generated a database of real-world examples that depicts to be a terrific source. From the perspective of writing criminal law assignment, we take you across the myriad beliefs associated with criminal law.

Criminal Law

Criminal law deals with the system of legal rules that specify what conduct is categorised as a crime and how the government might prosecute the person who commits crimes. In other words, it is defined as a body of laws that are applied to criminal acts. The instances where a person failed to stick to a specific criminal statue, then he commits a criminal act by violating the law.

Forms of crimes covered under criminal law

  • Misdemeanors: This is an offence that is addressed as a low levels criminal offence as petty thefts, traffic offences and minor assaults.
  • Felony: Felony crime includes highly serious offences such as dealing drugs, murder, arson and robbery.
  • Other crimes: Other variable areas and genres covered by the criminal law is theft crime, a crime against a person, a crime against public order and drug-related.

Objectives of criminal justice system

  • Retribution: Retribution is known as the heart of just about different judicial systems dealing with order and law. From the perspective of retribution, eye for eye revenge is not considered as punishment, punishment is calculated by the sentence of the court.
  • Deterrence: This is another primary goal of criminal law; the objective of deterrence is to discourage members from committing criminal laws for punishment fear. Deterrence might be specific or general to a person psychological, intellectual and media circumstances.
  • Incapacitation: Incapacitation in the view of criminal justice is the limitation of personal freedom and liberties as a recompense for the criminal act. Incapacitation avoids persons once caught is convicted of committing a further crime by removing them from society.
  • Rehabilitation: Rehabilitation is a central objective of the correctional and judicial systems. When the person is sentenced, they are provided with rehabilitative programs within correctional facilities. There tends to identify injuries, addictions, obstacles and mental illnesses that contribute to the criminal activities committed.
  • Restoration: This justice varies from customary criminal justice in that it enlightens that criminal acts have been committed are not against the state. However, they have left a lasting impact on communities and families.

Structure of criminal justice system

The major components of the justice system are named as police, courts and corrections that avoid or deter crime by punishing, apprehending and trying offenders.

  • Police departments: These are the public agencies whose purpose is to maintain order, enforce criminal law and deliver services. Police officers function in the community to avoid and control crime. They establish co-operation with prosecutors in the criminal investigations, collecting evidence essential to retrieve convictions in courts.
  • Courts: These are tribunals where individuals are accused of trespassing criminal law where it comes to have their criminal responsibility identified by judges or juries. The main purpose of the courts is to seek justice and discover the truth.
  • Corrections: Corrections involves jail, prison, probation and varieties of advanced community-based sanctions like house arrest and electronic monitoring. The objective of correctional agencies is to rehabilitate, punish and to assure the safety of the public.

Fundamental rights of criminal defendants

  1. Right to representation: Each criminal defendant has right to appropriate legal representation. When a defendant is not able to afford any lawyer, then the government will hire one lawyer for him.
  2. Right to confront witnesses: The confrontation clause provides defendants with the right to be faced by a witness against them.
  3. Right to remain silent: This right secure the defendant from “self-incrimination” defined as Miranda rights.
  4. Right to the speedy trail: It provides right to criminal defendants to the speedy public trail. This assures that government would not conduct a secretive hearing that may violate the rights of individuals.
  5. Right to reasonable bail: Criminal defendants can leave their holding cell when bail is given to assure that defendants return for trial.
  6. Right to not to be subjected to unusual punishment: This right ensures prisoners access to the fundamental medical treatment. It also assures that principles are not inordinate to their crime.

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