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C++ is a programming language which was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup which added different classes that are mostly similar to the structure but permit for mechanisms to be associated with data. Virtual mechanisms permit you to manage all associated structures with specialized code; the operator overloading permits you to write code. C++ language is considered to be an intermediate-level language, as it summarizes features of the low-level and high-level language. This specific language had all the properties related to C language with classes which are known as an additional concept. This is one of the famous languages used with the application software, client-server applications, drivers and surrounded firmware. C++ language involves various operators like arithmetic, logical operations, comparison and bit manipulation.

Different features of C++ language

C++ is defined as an object-oriented programming language which is considered as very simple language. This language has different features such as:

Simple: This language is considered as very simple and easy to develop by the programmers as compared to other programming languages.

Platform dependent: This language is also called as a platform-dependent language.

Portability: It is known as a concept of moving instruction from one system to other. In this language, .cpp file involve source code which can be edited to .exe file involve application. When you write as well as compile the program related to C++ on the window operating system, then the program run simply on other window based system.

Uses of pointers: Pointers is called as a variable that contains the address of another variable, and it direct accesses to the memory address of a variable with which the performance of the application can be enhanced.

Object-oriented: C++ is also called as an object-oriented language, and it follows all the concepts of oops such as encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Powerful: It is called as a powerful programming language as it has a large number of functions, data types, decision-making statements, control statements etc.

Compiler-based: It is also defined as compiler based language which means that the C++ program cannot be performed without compilation. For this, it requires the compiler to compile the program for the execution process.

Different Advantages of C++ language

  • In C++ programming language, the abstract data type definition is accurate.
  • Polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation are the essential properties of this language.
  • It inherited different essential properties such as methods, objects, instance, inheritance and message passing.
  • It is deployed in the scenario of real life.
  • It is very simple to modify and maintain the existing code.

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