Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help

Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help

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Consumer behaviour


Consumer behaviour is a section that deals with different phases a consumer go through prior buying services or products for his end usage. It is realised as actions of the consumer in the market place and underlying objectives for that actions. Consumer behaviour study assumed that a consumer is an actor in the market place. Therefore, it is mainly linked to motivations, psychology and behaviour. The study of consumer behaviour involves the following considerations:

  • How can marketing campaigns become more appropriate and enhanced to influence the consumer?
  • How behaviour of consumers gets influenced by the environment?
  • What consumer’s the thing regarding various alternatives to services, retailers and brands?
  • Consumer behaviour while shopping and researching

What are the common factors that influence the consumer behaviour?


Marketing campaigns:

Advertisement plays a crucial role in influencing the buying decisions taken by consumers. Marketing campaigns are performed on a regular basis for influencing the buying decision to such reach that they might opt one brand over other or engaged in frivolous shopping.

Economic conditions:

Consumer spending decisions are defined to be highly influenced by the economic scenarios widespread in the market. It holds true particularly for purchase made for houses, vehicles and household appliances.

Personal preferences:

At the individual level, consumer behaviour is shaped by different shades of priorities, likes, dislikes and morals. Although advertisements assist to influence factors to a certain extent, a personal consumer liking and disliking exercise great influence on the end purchase being made by the consumer.

Group influence:

It is also analysed to impact the consumer decision. The fundamental influential group comprises classmates, family members and immediate relatives while influential secondary group comprises neighbours as well as acquaintances having great influence on the buying decision of the customer.

Purchasing power

The purchasing power of the consumer is another integral aspect of influencing the customer behaviour.

What are the various models of consumer behaviour?


Economic model

The economic model of customer behaviour concentrates on the idea that consumer purchasing pattern in based on the aspect of retrieving higher benefits while decreasing costs. Hence, one can easily predict the behaviour of consumers by economic indicators like purchasing power of the consumer.

Learning model

This model is centred on the aspect that consumer behaviour is monitored by the requirements to fulfil the learned and basis requirements.

Psychoanalytical model

This model takes into account the aspect that behaviour of the consumer is influenced by both sub-conscious and conscious mind.

Sociological model

This model primarily addresses the aspect that buying pattern of the customer is based on his responsibility and influence in the society.

Importance of studying consumer behaviour


  • Achievement of goals: The key to an organisational profitability, growth and survival in a competitive marketing environment is its potential to determine and fulfil the unfulfilled requirements of the customer.
  • Adjusting marketing programme over time: Consumer behaviour studies the response pattern of the consumer on the continual basis. Hence, a marketer can simply know the amendments that took place in the market.
  • Predicting market trend: Consumer behaviour can also support for projection of future market trends.
  • Creation and retention of consumers: Marketers who base their delivering on the realisation of consumer requirements identifies a ready market for their services.
  • Developing new products: A new product is generated in the context of desires and needs of the target market. To develop the best fit product, a marketer should know appropriately about the market.
  • Effective usage of productive resources: Consumer behaviour study helps the manager to make organisational activities consumer-oriented. It assures an exact usage of resources for attaining higher efficiency.

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