Constitutional Law Assignment Essay Help Online

Constitutional Law Assignment Essay Help Online

Meaning of constitution - Constitution refers to a system which contains some principles according to which directs any state, nation and corporation. It came into operation in 1789; It can be in written form or unwritten form. Constitution shapes individual rights and duties. It describes the authorities and powers among various political sections and different residents.

Fundamental law - Fundamental law is the framework of law that develops gradually from the constitution which sets basic principles which help in supervising a state. Various fundamentals concede certain power to the government such as the potential of the levy and the expenditure for good health and happiness of general public.; It also formulates the basic rights of the citizens.

Miscellaneous Branches of Government - Our constitution has three main sections

  • The legislative – Legislative is that which is responsible for making the laws and has the power to authorise, modify and revoke laws. You can know more about legislative from our experts. The area where the associates of the legislature take a chair is known as a legislative assembly. Several types of legislatures are Bicameral, Unicameral, Tri-cameral and Tetra – cameral
  • The judicial – The judicial body refers to that which passes all the laws that are supreme court.
  • The executive – The executive has the power to make changes in the decision that are passed by the legislative and the legislative can also revoke the law that is passed by the legislative. 

Different rights and duties of citizens – There are various duties and rights of citizens towards family, friends and neighbourhood. There are sundry Fundamental rights and fundamental duties of citizens which are:-

  • Right to Equality – Right to equality defines that every citizen has the right to equal treatment. There should not be any discrimination between on the basis of Age, Caste, Gender, Race, Sex and the place of birth. Every citizen should get the equal opportunity of employment.
  • Right to Freedom – Right to freedom defines that every citizen has the freedom to settle down in any part of the country. It also includes the freedom of speech and expresses any views, Feelings etc.
  • Right to Education – Right to Education means every citizen have equal right to take education. Right to education is a huge step to reduce illiteracy in the country.
  • Right to Constitutional remedies – This right defines that every citizen can take help from any court for justice.

Separation of powers:

The separation word itself tells that the division of something, Separation of power tells us that in constitutional law the power must not be concentrated to one body, It must be divided into more than one to avoid biases. Every single person desires for more power If the power of running a country will be given to a single party no one knows what will happen to the country if the mind of that body goes to the wrong route. That is why the power of making the law in a country is divided into three different bodies which are Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The law is made by the agreement of these three bodies at the same time. If not the law will not be passed to the public of the country. It avoids biases for any particular group of people, and everyone can get the benefit of the law which is passed by these bodies. 

Constitutional Law around the world:

Constitution is a sum of all the rules and regulation which is governed by the government of the country. The participation of the government makes it official and hence makes it a law to follow in the country. The law also defines that the rules and regulations which are arranged by the government must be followed by all the citizens of the country keeping the wealth and status of any person aside he/she must follow the law.

The constitution for every country can be different on certain levels. The rules for export and import can be different in a country compared to any other country. The tax rate is different in every country; Constitution is made according to the resources available and according to the type of people living in a certain country. The world is filled with all type of people which makes it necessary to make changes in the constitution in a different county.

When the breach is done in any constitutional law of the different county punishment is decided in a different country. It must be otherwise the world will be running on a single constitution, and it will be hard to manage the citizens of different mindset by the government.

It is a saying that change is always good, It also applicable on constitutional law. The change is always necessary in the law of any country because the country can’t be running on the law which was made according to the people who no longer exist in the world and no longer know the situation which the world is facing. The changes are done so that the people can feel safe to be in the country.

Problems which students face while writing Constitutional based assignments

The constitution is already made and written, and the data is always available on all the possible questions which the assignments can ask. But the hard part is to understand the constitutional terms which are defined by the search engines. Students usually face difficulty in understanding the difficult times which are written in the constitutional law.

Lack of time to extensive search on the constitutional law is another problem which is faced by most of the students. The student would know the actual meaning of a certain law, but it is hard for that student to write it in words easily which makes the student search on search engines but unfortunately, they get nothing in there.

The materials which are provided by the university to the students are not enough; The student always needs guidance on the law to understand it easily and write it in easy words. Our tutors are willing to make the student understand the terms as many times the student wants and understand it thoroughly. We try to provide the assignment help by making the student understand the actual meaning of the content.

What are Fundamental Rights:
The fundamental rights are the right which any citizen of a particular country has that he can apply to his/her activity. The citizen of any country has the right to equality, Right to freedom, Right against exploitation, Right to freedom of religion, Cultural and educational right, Right to constitutional remedies.

Right to Equality:
The first and most necessary right of any citizen of the country is Right to Equality. This right is necessary to avoid the racism and genderism in the country. Every citizen of the country is equal to each other it makes the citizen feel proud of himself/herself.

Right to Freedom:
Right to freedom is the right which is made in the constitution to erase the slavery radiation in the world. No one is bound to work for any other person by force; the person is free to go anywhere he/she wants.

Right Against Exploitation:
Rules against exploitation is very strict in any country. The person has right to complain about any exploitation which is done to him/her.

Right to Freedom of Religion:
No country has the citizens who only follow a particular type of religion. The country is made of people with different religion, The constitution of the country provide the right to the person to choose any religion which they like to follow.

Cultural and Educational Right:
Education became the most necessary thing which a person should get in life to survive in this world. The constitution provides the right to the person to get an education.

Right to Constitutional Remedies
Right to constitutional remedies is the right which is given to the citizen of the country to approach the supreme court to get protection.

Help for Constitutional Law Assignments:

The constitutional laws are the rules and regulations which are fixed by the government, and they should be strictly followed by the citizens of the same country or by the people present in that country at that time. These laws are hard to understand and harder to explain when the assignments are assigned to students by the university on constitutional law. Which makes the student surf more time on search engines for materials on constitutional law, and they get nothing but the headings and confusing data. Our assignment help company have made a team of tutors who have completed their study of law from Australia, and they can provide the assignment materials on the constitutional law which the students are suffering from finding on search engines. It is easy to contact us by one click than wasting your valuable time on on internet for searching for content.

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