Conflict Management Assignment Help

Conflict Management Assignment Help

Conflict management is necessary for every organisation either small or large. It is an exercise to discover favourable features and reducing negative aspects. There are many benefits of conflict management. Conflict management helps in increasing effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation, increases knowledge etc. Conflict management reduces conflicts from an organisation, and it increases team building. Teamwork results in improving productivity as well. If there are fewer conflicts in the organisation, then it results in an experienced team, fewer terminations etc. There are five different manners of conflict resolution – Collaborating, Competing, Avoiding, Compromising and accommodating.


  • Accommodating refers to that in which you are working on your own goals, desires etc. This accommodation approach is more effective when another party is more has better options than us and are more experts.
  • Collaborating refers to that in which we collaborate with a dissimilar party to achieve goals of both the parties. This style is useful in case of the complex storyline.
  • Avoiding refers to that in which party stayed away from the issues. They don’t focus on their issue and don’t interfere with any other’s issue. This strategy is useful in case of handling emotional disputes. It is used to short-term conflicts.
  • Compromising refers to that style in which both parties have the equal importance of goals. This results in a better solution for both the parties. This compromising style applies to short-term issues and is applicable only when both the parties agree.
  • Competing refers to that style of conflict management in which no cooperation will be there.

  Merits and Demerits of managing conflicts:-

  • Managing conflicts at work help in improving the efficiency of an organisation.
  • It helps in reducing legal concerns.
  • It helps in growth of an organisation.
  • It motivates employees to do teamwork accurately, and teamwork results in more output.
  • It removes the internal stress of an organisation.
  • It helps in generating new ideas which are better for the growth of the organisation.

Demerits are:-

  • It involves huge time to make a proper layout or plan of conflict management
  • It can’t be used for long-term effects.
  • It involves huge cost.
  • Its main disadvantage is that in this process, both the parties never agree on a same decision.


Series of action for managing conflicts  in an organisation

 There are various steps involved in making a plan of conflict management in an organisation which is more effective communication and efficient working in an organisation.


  • Discussion about the problem- This is the first and important step in which it addresses the problem, at a very starting point where the issue is not so critical but if they are not identified at the starting point then it will become a big problem. In this step, it is identified that what is the issue of both the parties.
  • The setting of objective – This is the second important step In managing conflicts in which the common goal is set for both the parties. Its main aim is to resolve conflicts between both the parties by finding a common solution.
  • Conducting Meeting or discussions – This is the third step In conflict management steps. In this, a meeting of both the parties in which the main reason for conflict is discussed. In this discussion, chances are given to speakers of both the parties and then the actual decision is taken which is suitable for both the parties.
  • Problems in common goals – After conducting a meeting, different decisions are taken, and reasons are identified in which both don’t agree.
  • Decision Making – This is the last step in conflicts management process. In this step both the party makes a decision which is best.


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