UML (unified modelling language) is a type of modelling language that is used in software engineering applications. The general purpose of using unified modelling language is to develop a way in which the design of a system can be visualized. The architectural blueprints of a system are visualized with the help of the unified modelling language includes some elements such as any jobs performed within the system, the components of which the system is built up and their interaction with the software components of the system under consideration, the user interface which is external and all other interactions which occur within the system.

The major use of UML is in the documentation that is object oriented. UML finds the most extensive use in developing the modelling examples of various systems which are always ready to use. The model of a system is developed which is independent of the platform used for the programming language used for the same.

Unified modelling language nowadays has become indispensable and finds numerous applications in various fields such as telecom sector, banking and financial services, enterprise information systems, web services, defense, science and research and many others.

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