Microsoft SQL is basically a relational database management system. The main function of Microsoft SQL server is to store data and retrieve it whenever it is requested by other applications of software. These applications of software may be running anywhere, i.e. they may be running on the same computer or any other computer present across the network.

The operation of Microsoft SQL sometimes also inculcates add on services, but these are generally necessary for the operation of database management system. Value added services are provided by these add on services which are generally present above the top notch level of the database management system.

The uses of Microsoft SQL are very typical and used in complicated processes. Some of the uses of Microsoft SQL are monitoring the performance of database engines or the integration services which are included in the SQL server, debugging of T-SQL statements and also the procedures which have been stored, stress testing and quality assurance procedures, performing query analysis etc.

One of the most important advantages of SQL server is that it allows multiple clients to use the same platform. The concurrency control mechanism provided by the Microsoft SQL is very optimistic, which is quite similar to that of the multiversion concurrency control mechanism which is used in other databases. It makes use of creating a new row when it is updated rather than deleting the row altogether. For the process of data retrieval, querying is basically used to it.

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