Microsoft Project is a software program used to manage the projects. This program is of great use for a project manager who has to make the entire project plan. With the help of this program, a project manager can design a program according to the requirements, assign the resources to the project, assess the progress of the plan, analyse the roles and responsibilities of various personnel, define the workloads and manage the cost constraints of the project.

Development of projects is an indispensable task in today’s tasks of enterprises and requires the project manager to develop a firm and reliable project plan. So, MICROSOFT Project has become an important tool in managing those projects.

The various uses of Microsoft Project in various development plans include increasing the collaboration among the various members who are working on the project, increasing the flexibility, managing the risks in an efficient manner, increases the chances that the project is delivered in time and many other advantages. So, it becomes imperative for the students doing management courses that they learn the skills of developing a project management plan.

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