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The study of the processing, storage and the communication of the data and the instructions is computer science engineering. It is a modern descendant of electrical engineering and applied mathematics, deals with the representations of data and instructions, data processing algorithms, software writing techniques for data processing on a variety of computing platforms.

Other tasks involved are-

  • Reliable data communication protocols across network
  • Data organization in varied databases
  • Learning through computer algorithms
  • Content protection and authentication techniques
  • The statistical data model in large databases

One of the most demanded careers in the engineering field is computer science and will continue to be in the future as well. Everything has now changed in the past decade. Everything revolves around automation and the digitization in the modern age. These are the traits responsible for adding more potential for a career in computer science engineering. It would not be wrong to state engineering as a synonym for safe employment and professional success. Studying computers can ensure employment both nationally as well as internationally.

Now the accurate designing and the adaptation of the different types of electronic devices are the needs of the digital world. The advent of technologies and the changes in the international labor market along with the requirement of the professionally trained computer geeks are the change-makers of the field.

2020 is the most awaited year because of the estimates of the agencies indicating the year to produce millions of information and communication technologies jobs.

Computer Science Engineering is a blend of several topics relating to program design, programming languages, algorithm analysis, hardware and software of the computer.

Roots of the discipline


  • Mathematics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Linguistics

In the past, this field was not a separate discipline but was taught as part of mathematics or engineering departments.

Work of a computer science engineer

  • Management of the hardware, software and networks
  • Development and the designing of the software application
  • Writing algorithms and codes for operating systems
  • Software developing for the input and output devices such as modems, scanners, and printers.


The degree comes with intensifications that are specializations in specific areas of computer science. These are as follows-

  • Computation: It is a field focused on the evaluation of the difficulty level of a computer problem. The best computer solutions come with the help of identification of the most appropriate languages and architectures in addition to their design and implementation.
  • Computer Engineering: It is focused on providing knowledge for the analysis of the computer architectures. Software development, optimization, distributed and parallel platforms are a few examples.
  • Information Systems: You will be able to understand and improve the organizations process while reaping the benefits of innovation in the information technology field.
  • Software Engineering: Studying computer science engineering will help you in giving knowledge of the specifications, design and the management of the development of the software platforms along with their maintenance. You will also come to know about the databases, their design, exploitation, and administration.


As you are done with training, you have the title of a computer engineer. What most of the students do next is finding a job. The positions you can access are-

  • Technology Consultant
  • Database Administration
  • Software Developer
  • Network Technician
  • System Technician
  • Computer Security

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