Computer Network Assignments Help Online

Computer Network Assignments Help Online

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Computer Network Functions 

  • Resource sharing: Computer network enables sharing of network resources like dedicated servers, printers, input devices, internet connections and backup systems. With the help of resources sharing such as high-speed copiers, colour printers and scanners become accessible to different network users in a simultaneous order without eradicating the requirements of costly redundancies.
  • Administration simplicity: Computer networks are highly beneficial because they enable IT, professionals, to handle consistent version of application, protocols and security principles across multiple individual hosts from a single IT management station. Rather than individually upgrading every computer in an organisation, network administration is given potential to start an update from a server and then eventually replicate the update across the network in a simultaneous order.

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Types of Computer Network

WAN (Wide area network)

Wide area network covers a wide range of space like the entire country. It comprises various small networks like MAN or LAN. One of the commonly known examples of public WAN is the internet.

LAN (Local area network)

Local area network comprises a computer network at an individual site. It is highly beneficial for resource sharing like printers and data storage. LANs can be created through expensive hardware like network adapters, Ethernet cables and hubs.

MAN (Metropolitan area network)

Metropolitan area network spans a physical space smaller than a WAN and larger than LAN. This type of network is typically operated and owned by a unique entity like a large corporation or government body.

PAN (Personal area network)

Personal area network is a network of computers organised across an individual within a single building. A typical personal area network would involve one or more peripheral devices, computers, personal entertainment devices and video game consoles.

CAN (Campus area network)

Campus area network spans different LANs but is smaller than MAN like deployed in the local business campus.

SAN (Storage area network)

In storage area network, services are connected to the data storage devices with the help of technologies such as fibre channel.

WLAN (Wireless local area network)

This type of LAN works with the help of wireless network technology like Wi-Fi. This form of the network becomes highly popular as wireless technology is developing further and is involved in small business and homes.


The Internet is termed as a global network which connects millions of hosts. Operators can select which type of web service to access and make it accessible to the global world.

Benefits and Limitations of Computer Network


  • It improves information availability and communication: Networking specifically with complete internet accessibility, enable types of communications that are simply not possible prior its development.
  • It increases cost efficiency: Through computer networking, a wide range of software products can be involved that are accessible in the market that can just be saved or deployed in the server or server and can be involved by several workstations.


  • It lacks robustness: When the main server breaks down in the computer network then the complete system will become
  • It lacks independence: Computer network includes a process which is operated with the help of a computer; hence user will depend on more on the computer work rather than applying an effort for their activity at hand.

Common Network Share Devices 

  • Hub: Hub is a device that splits out the data it receives on a single interface to other interfaces. This is a cheap and rapid way of linking multiple hosts.
  • Switch: Switch is a form of device that comes on another side of the cable your hosts is plugged in. A switch will repeat the traffic out ports it requires instead of relieving it to all ports.
  • Router: Router is referred as the workhorse of the web. The router works in the similar mechanism of traffic light among networks allowing data flow between them.
  • Firewall: This security device intends to filter the traffic which enters or existing in the network.
  • Wireless access point: WAP like switches are primarily emphasised on generating a connection between client computers with the network through shortest range radio waves.

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