Company Law Assignment Help

Company Law Assignment Help

Laws having relevancy with business are defined as business laws. It primarily deals with the entity rules that are enforced to conventions, agreements, international or national legislations. All these significant areas of law, the organisation requires in-depth knowledge of the subject. Thus students require making quality enriched business law assignment. However, students encounter some difficulties while assembling ideas and thoughts into the coherent academic writing in an academic prose format. It is precisely because of this reason; AssignmentHelp4me has created a professional team of law experts providing law assignment documenting services in any subject fields of business laws.

Categorisation of company laws for law essay assignment 

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is known as the framework of practices, rules as well as processes through which an organisation is controlled and directed. It necessarily includes balancing the interests of organisation stakeholders. It encompasses various spheres of management ranging from action plans as well as internal controls to corporate disclosure and performance measurement.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with the capital format of an enterprise involving its action management and funding for increasing the organisational value. It comprises tools and analysis is involved for distributing the financial resources. The fundamental objective of corporate finance is maximising the business value by planning and deploying management resources while making a balance between profitability and risk.

Some of the crucial processes which govern corporate finance are:

  • Investment and capital budgeting: It involves planning where to frame the long-term capital assets of the organisation to develop high risk-adjusted
  • Capital financing: This core process involves decisions about how to optimally finance capital investments with the help of business debt, equity or combination of both.
  • Dividends and the return of capital: This process needs a corporate manager to decide if there is need to retain excess earnings of business for operational requirements and future investments.

Various forms of business organisation:






Related laws

Sole trader

This is a business owned by a single person and is simple to deploy at least cost

·         Unlimited reliability is given

·         There is no sharing of profit

·         All responsibility is entirely on you, and you should pay for any stock, equipment or services that are required by business

·         There is no need to pay corporation tax.

·         There is need to pay only income tax and national insurance


This is a business owned by two or more personas contributing resources into the entity

·         Establishment of business becomes simple, and deployment cost is less

·         Limited outside regulation

Risk of frictions and disagreements between partners

·         Right to indemnity in context of liabilities and payments made

·         Partners are not supposed to obtain any remuneration or salary for taking part in the business conduct.


The corporation is a business enterprise that separates legal personality from their owners.

The publicly held company can raise substantial expense by selling issuing bonds or shares.

Double taxation: Corporation pay tax on profit in case is corporate income is distributed to the owners in the form of dividends

Maintain essential protection for those dealing with organisation like investors and creditors

Make balance among regular business activities














Characteristics of company 

  • Corporation personality: A corporation is an artificial entity who enjoys law capacity to have duties and rights as well as holding property. The corporation is distinct and is variable from its members in law.
  • Limited liability: The liability of the members of the organisation is restricted to the asset contribution of the organisation up to face value of shares held by them. A member is held responsible for paying the uncalled money because of holding shares. When assets of the organisation are not sufficient to pay the firm liabilities, then creditors can pressurise the partners to make best the deficit from their assets.
  • Perpetual succession: An organisation does not cease to exist until it is particularly wound up for which it was developed has been furnished. Organisational membership keeps on changing with time, but it does not impact the organisational life.
  • Separate property: An organisation is a unique legal entity as the organisation property is its own. Any member cannot claim to be owners of the organisational property during the existence of the organisation.
  • Transferability of shares: The organisational shares are subject to specific conditions and transferrable where no share holder is permanent to the company. In case, the member transfers the shares to another person; then transferor acquires all the objectives of the transferor in context of those shares.
  • Common seal: An organisation is considered as an artificial entity which does not evolve any physical presence. Hence, it acts using board of directors for performing its processes and entering into distinct agreements. All these contracts should be under the seal of the organisation. The fundamental seal is the official signature of the organisation. The organisation name should be engraved on the basic seal.

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