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Students always remain busy due to their academics, and when they have subjects like science, then it is nearly impossible to think apart from their studies. Therefore, they often get late while preparing assignments. Moreover, chemistry assignments are not a simple task as it not only needs deep knowledge but representation is also taken into consideration. It is a science to determine the composition, interaction, structure and functioning of bio-molecules that assist in the maintenance of the cell metabolism. There are commonly four classes of biochemistry in which scholars needs help, i.e. lipids, amino acids, nucleic acids and carbohydrates. These concepts of biochemistry are complex to learn which force learners to ask for assistance for biochemistry assignments. We from AssignmentHelp4me simply know where scholars can face concerns. Hence, if you face concerns linked to biochemistry homework then take help from our mentors. They always work hard for preparing your assignments as per your specifications.

What is Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the branch of science which explores the chemical reactions and processes within living beings. This is a laboratory-based concept which involves chemical techniques and knowledge for understanding and solving the biological problems. Biochemistry focuses on the procedures at the molecular level and involves this knowledge to describe how organism and cells behave. It evaluates what is being happened within our cells, studying the components such as organelles, lipids and proteins and how they work in a combination. Central to biochemistry is an analysis of the 3-D structure of biological molecule relating to its function. Biochemistry also provides help for decoding the genetic information found in DNA.


Applications of biochemistry in medicine


Biochemistry is also involved in the field of pathology and through this study; the physician can get the idea regarding the biochemical changes in the body of the patient by symptoms description.


It is also very useful for a scientist to completely understand about physiological in the living beings. Through this concept, a scientist can understand the biochemical changes occurring the in the individuals.

Hormonal deficiency

Hormonal imbalance in women, men and children result in various diseases. Physicians can involve the biochemistry concept to have a deep understanding of the hormones, reactions and functions in the human body.

Applications of biochemistry in nutrition

Biochemistry also has a significant role in the nutrition. It helps in the understanding containment of chemicals in the food.

Food containment:

It helps to know about the food chemistry. One can easily understand about food containment consumed by a human being such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates and others. The possible physiological changes because of nutrition deficiency can be simply understood.

Nutrient values test:

Through the biochemical test, the values or percentage of nutrients in specific foods consumed by human beings is easily analysed.

Role of nutrients:

 Biochemistry helps to understand the nutrition functioning in individual health. We can determine how minerals, vitamins and necessary fatty acids impact the body of humans.

Food limitations:

With the help of biochemistry concept, the physicians can prescribe the limited use of specific food such as excess oil for heart and excess sugar for people with diabetes.

Main branches of biochemistry

  • Enzymology: It is defined as the study of enzymes that covers the properties of biological catalyst or enzymes. It involves certain proteins, co-enzymes, catalytic RNA and co-factors such as vitamins and metals.
  • Molecular biology: The study of molecular biology is defined as a discipline with the cause to understand the chemical processes occurring in the living beings.
  • Cell biology: This study provides the information regarding physical structure, properties, functions, biochemical composition and cell life cycle. The life of cell processes involves respiration process, nutrition and defensive process.
  • Structural biochemistry: This study has its objective to provide clear information regarding the biological architecture of the macro-molecules such as nucleic acids and proteins.
  • Metabolic biochemistry: The study of metabolic biochemistry will help in understanding various forms of metabolic pathways.
  • Neurochemistry: It is a study of neuronal processes in the organic molecules. It involves neurotransmitters as well as other molecules like neuro-active drugs.

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Biology and chemistry concepts in a combined form are taken as the basis of biochemistry. Hence on this subject, the learners have to possess a better grasp of different compounds, their chemical composition, and chemical structure along with their reaction to other elements impacting biological systems. It becomes hard for a scholar to prepare biochemistry assignment; hence they seek for assistances from professionals only. At our assignment desk, we have a panel of professionals to assist you in biochemistry homework. Through our biochemistry assignment assistance, learners can learn about hundreds of chemical compounds necessary in the biochemical industry. Hence, they present all solutions intellectually. The pattern will not decrease grades because these solutions don’t have any errors.

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