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Plagiarism Report Details

Plagiarism can adversely impact one’s academic progress. Sometimes the students do not seem to know if the paper they presented contained plagiarized content. All they know is that they are already accused of the crime of plagiarism. Unfortunately, they did not have access to a plagiarism detector. But now, scholars are able to change and edit similar phrases after scanning their documents with our free online plagiarism checker. It also helps teachers by reducing the burden of returning research papers and filing cases against students for plagiarism. Therefore, plagiarism checking tool is an important tool for schools, colleges, academies, institutions and universities. It works on Windows, Android, BlackBerry, and Web. It detects infringement of copyrights in essays, research works, courses or dissertations.

Save yourself from the shame of being accused of accidental plagiarism. It takes only a few minutes to review the document. Use this tool from Assignment Help to track all your written content and make things a little easier for you. You should be aware that the result of the assessment is not a matter of proving your honesty. It is a practical program designed to help you track similar phrases. Get a free report now!

How it Works?

Online Plagiarism Checker


To be able to perform a plagiarism check, it is necessary to register. The result of the plagiarism checking will be sent to your email id only.


You can upload a document by clicking on add document to upload your documents. To be able to upload several documents at the same time, mark these by holding down the CONTROL key, dragging the mouse or selecting all the documents in the folder by pressing the CONTROL + A keys.


If you have uploaded all the selected documents, you can start with the check plagiarism.


Now you will receive the results of the plagiarism scan of your documents. The analysis time of each text may vary depending on the size of the document. Usually, it only takes a few minutes, but in the case of large documents, the analysis process will be completed after some time.

We help you in writing good quality and original papers

Following the above simple steps, you can remove your doubts about the originality of the report or work created. There is no word limit and you can check any number of documents.

Plagiarism is present in every classroom, in every work office and in every building where we live. In some cases, we miss some phrase or comment on a specific topic; but in others, we are aware of what we are doing. In most of the case, it is considered nothing more than something trivial; it can put you in a serious legal trouble.

For all these reasons, you should be delivering a 100% original work having no detected plagiarism percentage. You can make use of the free plagiarism checker from Online Assignment Help Australia and be completely sure that you have made a report that does not have any copied content. You can also get Assignment Help from our experts for writing original and error free papers.


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Top 5 Excuses Students Frequently make to Plagiarise Content

“I did not know”

This can be the number one excuse. When one is surprised, he usually responds: "I did not know that this could not be done." Usually, it happens in the academic environment, it can be for something as simple as forgetting to use quotation marks.

It is also the easiest excuse to defy. Just look for some information on the plagiarism issue. There are many sources of information available. You are even warned in your assignment guidelines about plagiarism.

“Nothing happens”

Sometimes plagiarism is knowingly committed, with the excuse that "it will not happen again" and that can pass for once only (if you are lucky).

“Nobody is going to find out”

Sometimes we think that with the enormous amount of information that is on the Internet, it is impossible to detect the one where one bit of a text is copied from here and another bit from there. Maybe a few years ago, this was worth it, but now technology makes this trick unviable.

The force of destiny (or "I could not help it")

Sometimes we tend to justify incorrect actions with "force majeure" reasons, blaming the environment, pressure etc. for the plagiarism committed.

The unintentional error

There can be innocent plagiarism, where a student does not know that a certain phrase that they have used is totally similar to what has been said by another student or any famous author/writer. It is rate though, but when it happens the students find it difficult to explain it to the checker. Plagiarism checking tool is the best bet to evade this kind of situation.