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New Zealand is a widely receptive country, with a clear and effective visa application process, which allows candidates interested in studying in this country to have an organized agenda that supports the fulfilment of their objectives. With approximately 4,500,000 inhabitants, it is known for being one of the quietest and safest places in the world, with a fascinating culture, where you can have a totally new and different experience to what any other country offers.


Below we give you 5 compelling reasons why we consider that New Zealand should enter as a clear candidate within the options:

1. Education

New Zealand is a progressive country and in terms of education, it is much more. Its educational model is very similar to that of the United Kingdom, which motivates both local and international students to improve their skills and knowledge efficiently and quickly so that this translates into the economy if we compare it with other countries. All its universities are public and the other institutions must be accredited by the government, thus ensuring quality education that generates development and progress for the country.

QS 2018 Ranking of universities (having 5-star ratings) in New Zealand:

The University of Auckland: Position 82.
University of Otago: Position 151.
University of Canterbury: Position 214.
Victoria University of Wellington: Position 219.
University of Waikato: Position 292.

2. Geography

Have you ever seen The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar or maybe Warcraft? You will be surprised to know that these great movies were recorded in New Zealand. Thanks to its majestic landscapes, its inhabitants love outdoor activities, being one of the countries with the highest number of extreme sports attractions. In fact, it is the cradle of Bungee Jumping, you will find some of the highest and most exciting spots in the world.

3. Culture

The "Kiwis" as they are known to the New Zealanders, have a great sense of belonging to their culture and despite having been colonized by the British, you can still see large settlements of Maori (aboriginal natives of New Zealand). So much so, that the national rugby team "All Blacks", usually perform Maori dances before each game. In addition, they are known to be friendly and very welcoming, being much easier to socialize and integrate with the community.

4. Possibility of work

For students who travel for more than 14 weeks on a student visa, the New Zealand government allows them to work 20 hours a week while they study and 40 hours a week on vacation. Students who pursue a master's or doctorate have the option to work full time. The government is working hard to establish itself as a striking option for international students and some of whom will eventually stay there, so they have made changes in immigration laws since 2006, in order to create options for graduates of becoming a New Zealander.

5. Quality of life

The New Zealanders have a fairly simple and relaxed pace of life, so in this country the rates of welfare and quality are very high, positioning their cities among the best places in the world to live. Auckland is the third city in the world with the best quality of life * and the tenth most liveable in the world, taking into account its culture, environment, infrastructure, education, political stability and ease of doing business.

Studying at this destination is the opportunity to take a turn and look for new horizons in the future.

Above-written points are good enough to start a course here. The place possesses all the features which a student dream of. The students who have studied in New Zealand share positive reviews about it.

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