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Objectives of the Financial Analysis

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Answer: Objectives The key purposes of the financial statement analysis are to give information to the analysts and the decision makers (members of management) related to the business enterprise as this will help in the corrective and effective making of the decisions. The decision makers are mainly concerned with assessing the economic situation of the firm and then predictions are m...

Introduction to Financial Analysis

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Answer: Introduction to Financial Analysis Financial analysis is also known as the financial statement analysis or the accounting analysis or analysis of finance. The main use of this analysis is to assess the viability and stability followed by the profitability of the business organization or a project. The estimation of the business in order to find out the profitability and show...

Efficiency Ratios

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Answer: What is the efficiency ratio? With the help of the efficiency ratios, the effective management of the routine tasks of the company is measured and determined. According to the concept, the efficiency ratio helps in finding out the proper utilization of the assets and management of the liabilities. The calculation of the turnover of the receivables, repayment of the liabilities...

Profitability Ratios

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Answer: What is profitability ratio? Profitability ratios are the financial metrics. These are used by the predictors and the stakeholders in order to determine and assess the capability of the organization to generate incomes and profits, balance sheet assets, operating costs and shareholders’ equity at a specific period of time. This ratio explains how good the company makes u...

Solvency Ratios

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Answer: What is Solvency Ratio? Solvency ratio is one of the various accounting ratios that is seized in order to determine the capability of the organization to overcome the long term debts. The solvency ratio specifies the size of the company after the taxes and other obligations have been deducted from the actual income or the profit, and find out the net income of the company. So...

What is Liquidity Ratio?

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Answer: What is Liquidity Ratio? The ratios that determine the capability of the organization to overcome the short-term debt obligations and dues are known as the liquidity ratios. The liquidity ratios are the outcomes of the cash that needs to be distributed and other liquid assets for the short period of time that the organization has borrowed and the current liabilities. These ref...

Accounting Conventions- Guide for the Accountants

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Answer: The customs and ethics that help the accountants at the time of conversing about the accounting report are covered under the term known as Accounting Conventions. In order to walk in a consistent manner in the bookkeeping process (accounting), conventions were developed and advanced. Conventions are not the written documents; they are the laws that are unwritten. The accountin...

The Important Terminologies of Accounting

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Answer: Nothing can be done without knowing the meaning of the process that is being carried out. There are many terms that are important to know in the process of accounting. The correct meaning of the specific terms will help the accountants to correctly post the entries according to the double entry system of bookkeeping. Have a look at the following terms: Business entity Th...

Points of Differences Between Accounting and Bookkeeping

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Answer: Bookkeeping refers to the orderly method of recording and organizing the financial transactions of the company or that particular business organization. Books in an organization are maintained on a daily basis. Each and every transaction of the business organization is recorded and a track is kept in the books. Hence, there are chances of the data being accurate and exact. Acc...

Accounting is called “Business Language”- Why?

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Answer: Accounting is a system or a process or a cycle that helps in the communication of certain information in any business organization. It is often known as the language of the business. Accounting is a very essential and crucial part of any business organization, government agencies, clubs, and other institutes. An accounting system is used to gather, undertake and account the inf...

8 Theories of Leadership

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Answer: Most of the people wonder what exactly is that which makes leaders excel in their roles? Theories of leadership helps in understanding how and why people become leaders and what are the 7 qualities of a good leader. These theories seek to explain the characteristics of leaders and the behaviors that can be adopted by the leaders to enhance their leadership qualities. Many of t...

7 Qualities of a Good Leader

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Answer: Leadership has been defined differently by every person but the way John C Maxwell has defined it is really amazing. Let’s take a look at it. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” Regardless of the way that everyone outlines the 9 types of leaders, he/ she has a power to make a variance between failure and success. An effecti...

9 Types of Leadership

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Answer: For every business organization, there is never a one type of leadership. The style of operation is different for every business unit. According to the environment that an establishment function is, proves to be a major factor in deciding what types of leadership traits will be applicable. Senior executives can be benefitted if they have a proper understanding of various style...

What is Leadership?

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Answer: When talking about leadership, many roles may come into mind like: A political leader who is chasing a passionate cause. An explorer who is involved in creating a path so that rest of the team members can follow him. A manager who in order to outperform the competition, develop the strategies for his company. Leaders assist others to do the right things at the right tim...

Regulations of Nanotechnology in the USA And Europe

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Answer: The technology, nanotechnology has a substantial number of challenging diseases and growth in the energy demand and the related issues. The main concern is safety and the technology raise these challenges. But we have some regulatory bodies in the world which address these issues. The advanced skills and the abilities of the features of the new technology help in the creation o...

5 Developments in Nanotechnology Transforming Stem

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Answer: Nanotechnology is a field in which is capable of pushing the boundaries of the technological practices as well as aiding the researchers and engineers in improving the current lines of the products and technologies. The major concern here is the popping out of entirely novel functionalities of the bottom-up approach of the construction. The invention of STM (Scanning Tunneling ...

Developments in Nanotechnology- Impact on society

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Answer: Nanotechnology is one of the most important fields of technology which can change the entire scenario of the market. You can read about Nanotechnology- Present and Future to have a sound knowledge of the concept. Here, we will talk about the changes and the modifications the technology will bring to the surrounding society in the form of the businesses, organizations, inst...

Nanotechnology- Present and Future

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Answer: The technology has been setting the future of the world on the cycle of change. All the surroundings of the climate, world of engineering and science are affected by the winds of advents and advancements in the technologies and the gadgets. Nanotechnology is one of the technologies which has laid a huge impact on the researchers and the scientists and have shifted the thinking ...

Rectification of Errors in The Trial Balance

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Answer: It is very important to record and keep a track of every single monetary action that is performed in some particular business organization. this problem may arise in case some events might not be recorded or may be recorded under the wrong head etc. therefore, to correct them, a rectification process needs to be followed. This process of correcting the errors in the financial s...

Learn Everything That You Might Want to Know About TRIAL BALANCE

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Answer: What is a trial balance? Trial Balance is considered to be the heart of the business. All the activities that are carried out in any business organization are summarized in the trial balance. After the preparation of ledger, by taking all its balances and representing in a single worksheet on some specific date is known as the Trial Balance. Businesses divide their records in...

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