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Network Design (Assessment 2)

Related : Information Technology

Answer: The process of designing a network should be driven by a set of objectives. It is necessary to set clear objectives which relate to the parameters on the basis of which network should be evaluated. The technical goals of the network project include performance, availability, scalability, the performance of the network, and streamlining of network management functions. When the ...

Network design (Assessment 1)

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Network Design is a process of planning the network infrastructure of a computer. It is basically performed by engineers, network designers, IT administrators etc. The network is designed before the implementation of network infrastructure. The entire process of network design is represented in the form of a network diagram which serves as the blueprint for the implementation o...

COIT20262 - Advanced Network Security: Assessment Item 2

Related : Information Technology

Answer: What is Https and its purpose in Virtnet? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is termed to be as the secure version of HTTP protocol over which the data is sent between the browser and the website to which one user is connected. The ‘s’ at end of HTTP stands for secure as it means that the entire communication which will take place between the browser and w...

COIT20262 Advanced Network Security: Assessment Item 1

Related : Information Technology

Answer: What is Virtnet? Virtnet is termed to be as Virtual Box which I used for creating virtual machines which are running on Ubuntu Linux and then configured in order to create a virtual network. This type of virtual network is used for testing and demonstrating basic network and security concepts and technologies which will be used within the network. On the other hand, Virtnet is...

Case Study: Victorian Institute of Technology (vit) – Library Management

Related : Information Technology

Answer: This case study is about Victorian Institute of technology which is located in Melbourne, Australia. VIT aims to provide an opportunity and platform to students by providing smart education for their brighter future. VIT provide excellent services and resources such as books across Australia. VIT resource centre includes a library that allows students to access books and full-t...

Case Study: Headspace Information System (NewAccess Program)

Related : Information Technology

Answer: This case study is about Headspace organization which is located in Australia. The aim of Headspace organization is to improve mental health of young people that are lying in the age group of 12- 25 year. Australian government department of health (DoH) allocated $54 million budget to Headspace organization in order to establish Youth Mental Health Foundation in Australia. In t...

Case Study: Forensic Plan

Related : Information Technology

Answer: IntroductionForensics is the scientific approaches that are used to solve a crime.  Forensic investigation is a collection and analysis of all the physical evidence related to the crime to come up to a specific conclusion about the questionnaires. Digital forensics is a branch of forensic science that incorporates the recovery and investigation of the evidence found in the...

Case Study: CQ Strata Management Organization Database Management

Related : Information Technology

Answer: This case study is about CQ Strata Management which is a successful business organization. The aim of CQ Strata Management organization is to manage Strata related activities. Different Strata related activities are regulating maintenance and management of common property and buildings. It is an organization dealing with Strata scheme that was enacted for providing legal framew...

Case Study: Below Zero-Ice Cream Store

Related : Information Technology

Answer: The local ice cream store requires an innovative ordering system in order to improve customer service by reforming the traditional ordering process. By analyzing the traditional ordering system, the manager of the store has found out that several orders are not correct and improper prices are entered by the staff. Thus, to manage the entire process of ordering, the managers wan...

Case Study: News Article

Related : Information Technology

Answer: In this case study, a proper ethics program is implemented that addresses the issues reported in the nominated news article. The nominated new article is about leakage of coal seam gas which leads to many disastrous effects in society. Origin Energy is an organization that deals with environment, energy, pollution-related issues. From the news article, it is concluded that Orig...

Case Study: Headspace (Cloud-based solution)

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Headspace organization is one of the organizations trialing a new information system under NewAccess program. NewAccess is a mental health intervention targeted youth aged between 17 to 25 initially. Further, it is trying to expand the age limit to as young as 12, and also to indigenous youth. Particularly, NewAccess targets anxiety and depression. One of the major issues ident...

Case study: Object Oriented Software Development

Related : Information Technology

Answer: This case study is about developing a Java application to show the learnings of Object-oriented program. Java is a programming language, which produces software for different platforms. When a developer develops, the compiled code that is known as bytecode runs on different OSs (Operating systems) such as Mac OS, Linux and Windows. In fact, Java derives maximum of its syntax fr...

Case Study: E-Ticketing System

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Overview: Short Summary of the objectives and the Scope of the Project The main aim of this project is to create an automated system to perform E-Ticketing. This project is carried out to develop the software for the online Railway Reservation System. This system further involves many options such as reservation, cancellation, and users can also view details about the availab...

Case Study: Continuous Improvement

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Almost 30 years back, Precision Engineering Works Private Limited (PEW), which is the actual equipment manufacturer that specializes in the plastic molding parts for the telecommunication businesses. Many of the major telecommunication service providers are their potential clients. It was the reputation of the company that gave it a strong stand in the market. But somewhere, th...

Managing McDonald’s Australia

Related : General Articles

Answer: Case Description McDonald’s is the worldwide corporation which has more than 36,000 restaurants in 119 countries. The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Australia in 1971. The company has more than 90,000 employees who works in more than 900 McDonalds’s restaurant and serving more than 69 million customers globally. The most successful arms of the Chic...

Term 3 - Assessment 2 (Project Plan)

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Case Study The SET (School of Engineering and Technology) Indigenization Committee is having interest in the projects, which provide visibility to the oldest living culture of the world by acknowledging the traditional owners by naming or renaming the chosen premises of University in honor of identities/tribes of local indigenous. This project would involve the choosing suita...

Sustainability, Marketing and Competitive Advantage of Tengri

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Tengri Tengri is London based winter clothing brand. It is a local, social and global business which was founded by Nancy Johnston in March 2014. The company obtains its raw material from Mongolia and the mountains of Khangai. It offers different products in the category of Fibers, yarns and fabrics. Fibers are made from Mongolian Yak wool. It has sustainable, transparent and ...

Global Issues in Tourism Industry

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Introduction This report is formulated to analyze different issues related to sustainable tourism development in concern of social, cultural, natural and built resources. Along with this, some barriers related to airlines services, passports, delays etc. are also evaluated in critical manner. Moreover, with the help of subjective analysis, safety concerns about tour and trave...

Information System Foundation (Fallon Solution)

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Part A Organizational Form of Fallon using Mintzberg’s classification Primary activities of Fallon The primary activities related to Fallon are mentioned below that are utilized to covert the inputs into outputs for the clients: Inbound Logistics Operations Outbound Logistics Marketing and Sales Service Secondary activities of Fallon The secondary activitie...

Solution: Forensics Administration

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Introduction Digital forensic is basically a process utilized for analyzing, detecting, preserving and presenting the digital evidence that must be acceptable legally. Cybercrimes basically occurs when IT is used for concealing an offence. Some major types of crimes involve identity theft, computer security breach, homicide, suicide etc. In this given scenario, different cyber...

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