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MNG82001 Assignment 1 (Part A) - Worksheet Marking Key

Related : Management

Answer: 1.  The title of a particular Journal article, its year of publication, issue number and web link(s) are provided below. Search the Library’s catalogue system to identify and fill-in the missing information.  (1 mark for providing all the required information)Title: In this section, the title is selected which is mentioned at the top.For example: The Applicabili...

Project Management Methodologies

Related : Management

Answer: What is a methodology? It is a combination of related practices, methods, techniques and processes which determines how project will be developed, planned, delivered and controlled throughout the project life cycle. There are various types of project management methodologies available such as Agile software development, Crystal methods, Dynamic Systems Development Model (DSDM)...

Communication Plan

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Case study Black Hamilton owns two restaurants of fast food in Smithers which a small town in northern BC. Both the restaurants taking advantage or tourism and traffic which is passing through the town because the restaurants are situated on the highway. After some time, forest fire forces both the restaurants to close within few months. With this decision, both the restaurant...

ITC595 Assignment 5 Security Threats in Cloud Computing

Related : Cloud Computing

Answer: Abstract The shifting of data on cloud is an optimal decision for the organizations. the technology of cloud computing has boomed high in business due its number of benefits such as multi-tenancy, storage capacity, resource pooling etc. as far as the security factor is concern, it is necessary to eliminate the security issues in cloud for its effective use. The research aims a...

ITC595 Assignment 2: Security Fundamentals

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Answer 1: ATM is an acronym for Automatic Teller Machine which enables customers to use services of the bank without requiring help from the cashier or bank teller. • Confidentiality: It prevents data to be accessed and used by the illegitimate entity.Importance: Important to perform business transactions, important for securing personal information of the customers.Exampl...

Case Study: ACS Code of Ethics

Related : General Articles

Answer: Case 1 The given case is about John who is a statistical database programmer who is trying to write a large statistical program that is needed by his company. All of the programmers of his company are encouraged to write their own work and to publish their algorithms in professional algorithms. As programming is not an easy task, so John has found himself stuck on several part...

Global Business Environment- Making the Apple iPhone

Related : Management

Answer: Introduction The report would discuss the case study of Apple manufacturing. Apple is the technological organization headquartered in US but most of the manufacturing of Apple is done is done offshore by the subcontracted firms. It is approximately 90% of the total manufacturing. At the headquarters, the activities such as product designing, software engineering etc. are under...

Overview of Internetworking

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Introduction: - Education Consulting firm has 5 departments i.e. front-desk, manager, consultants, finance and guest. These 5 departments are configured with VLANs which will enable the user to configure access-list easily. For designing and configuring the network, the NetSim Boson Software is used because the assessment is based on NetSim Boson. The NetSim Boson tool provid...

Illegal Immigration to Australia

Related : Information Technology

Answer: A business research includes acquiring knowledge and information for commercial or professional purposes like determine goals and opportunities of a business. You have to identify the research area in business under this section. Title of research This section will prove research title of maximum 20 words. e.g. “Assessing the impact of illegal immigration o...

Technological Innovation on TESLA’s Business Growth

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Research background & justificationTESLA in energy and American automatic company specialized in solar panel manufacturing and electric car manufacturing. Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning founded TESLA in July 2003 under the name of TESLA motors. TESLA has adopted a number of technological innovations such as electric trucks, performance batteries etc. The research is si...

ITC571 Writing Proposal Template

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Emerging technology is a term used to define a new technology and students are given with Research Proposals on different emerging technologies. To get assistance for doing Research Proposal and Plan, you can hire professionals of Assignment Help 4 Me easily. Student Name and ID   Project area       Project area is...

PPMP20009 Leading Lean Projects Supplementary Assessment Specification

Related : Ppmp

Answer: Lean project managementThe main purpose of lean project management is to increase product, project or service value while minimize waste. Higher customer satisfaction, greater product quality and improved efficiency are main benefits which have been enjoyed by business organizations with the use of lean project management methodology. Sources of waste The sources of waste are:&...

Overview of Cinema Hall Case Study

Related : Information Technology

Answer: The owner of local Cinema hall wants to enhance the effectiveness of cinema hall booking services with the development of tablet based application. Presently, desktop application has been used by the Cinema hall which restricts the employees to serve all customers at any location. To provide better customer services, the owner has decided to develop an online application that w...

E-Portfolio Assessment-1

Related : Information Technology

Answer: E-commerce: E-commerce is an acronym for Electronic Commerce which refers to the process of selling and buying products/services by electronic means such as by the internet and mobile applications. It refers to both electronic transactions and online retail in which user has to enter their personal details over the internet for availing online services.Building an E-commerce pr...

E-Portfolio (Assessment 3)

Related : Information Technology

Answer: E-Business PlanE-Business plan is a practice of creating a document for an e-commerce company for obtaining financing and starting the business. To get an online business up and to ensure that business run efficiently, small E-business owners can develop a comprehensive E-business Plan. The financial part of an E-Business plan includes information about the budget. E-Business p...

Assessment Item 1 ICT in Business

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Introduction Today, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been adopted by the business organizations to control complex business processes. The adoption of ICT increases overall performance and productivity of business organizations. ICTs have considerable potential to foster innovation, promote economic growth and improve productivity. The main purpose of this rep...

7201 Assignment 1 Porject Management Solution

Related : Information Technology

Answer: 1 PROJECT BACKGROUND Project Gigaton is one of the new initiative taken by Walmart to avoid around 1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases from respective global value chain by 2030. This project is valuable for the suppliers of the organization because this will take their sustainability efforts to the next level. This project was introduced by the organization in year 2017 ...

1 Practical and Written Assessment

Related : Research Paper

Answer: Introduction The main purpose of this report is to critically analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the selected article. The overall value of the article has been evaluated on the basis of various factors such as impacts, advances, contributions etc. Background of the research The conducted research examined the impact of language proficiency or language structure on st...

E-Portfolio Assessment-1

Related : Information Technology

Answer: E-commerce: E-commerce is an acronym for Electronic Commerce which refers to the process of selling and buying products/services by electronic means such as by the internet and mobile applications. It refers to both electronic transactions and online retail in which user has to enter their personal details over the internet for availing online services. Building an E-commerc...

Presentation and Written Assessment

Related : Information Technology

Answer: In this assessment, an argumentative essay has been written on the selected topic. The consensus approaches have been used to identify effective coherent arguments which increases overall quality of the argumentative essay. We should have performance pay for teachers The performance pay for teachers creates a culture of isolation and fear in educational institutions. Many count...

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