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Types of Access Control Mechanism

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Answer: Definition Access control is basically a security function which is used to protect shared resources with unauthorized access. Distinction between authorized and unauthorized access is made as per the access control policy. It mainly focuses on security requirements such as confidentiality and integrity of data or other resources to prevent authorized use of resources and Dos ...

Risk Assessment Matrix

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Answer: What is Risk? Risk can be defined as probability or threat of action which lead to damage, injury or cause loss to individual or organization due to external or internal vulnerabilities. The digit advancement is changing the ways of standard living and providing changes new and innovative technologies. However, digital security can be defined as protection of virtual identity....

Case study: Modelling Granite Sales Company | ITC 556

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Answer: Granite Sales Company is responsible for keeping the information of employees and the departments they work in. At present the management of the organization is making use of excel sheets to store the information of all the employees, due to which many problems are being faced by the administration staff Granite Sales. In order to mitigate all the complexities, the management o...

Digital Innovation with Biometrics in the Automobiles Industry

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Answer: 1. Industrial Trends (Issues) affecting the organizations Automobile industry of Australia is the industry which is rapidly looking for the technological advancements to resolve the existing issues. The vehicles have been evolved with advanced technological solutions to improve the driving experience of the customers. The infrastructure of the vehicles has been improved to...

Final Report on Advertising Marketing Consulting and Accounting & Bookkeeping Business Plans

Related : Management

Answer: Introduction Business plan is a blueprint of any business that gives an idea about the services it will be offering and how they will be offered. This report is the continuation of draft that familiarized the readers with two selected business plans. However, in this report, a brief description of each selected business plan will be included along with the strongest and weakes...

Solution: Assignment 1 Individual Draft and Final Reports

Related : Management

Answer: Introduction A Business plan is a written description of the business’s future. Business plans can assist in performing a number of tasks for those who write and read them. Also, the business plans are useful for investment seeking entrepreneurs to conveying their vision to potential investors. The main components covered in the business plans include the concept of busi...

5 Ways to boost Students’ Productivity

Related : Management

Answer: There are many in students’ life and changing the way the students used to see their lives. Concentrating on the studies has become hard; internet, smartphones, gaming habit etc. are some of the reasons behind it. What is the worst consequence? It’s decreased productivity, which you can’t afford as  a student. Here are some fixes which you can implement t...

Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Related : Management

Answer: Framework and tools for establishing organizational, Industry and General Business Drivers BUSINESS DRIVERS FOR ORGANIZATION- BUSINESS CANVAS MODEL Key Partners § Partners- development tool vendors and Cloud vendors § Investors- provides financial support Key Activities § Distribution model- no sales force § Positive word of mouth Val...

Management and Business Context

Related : Management

Answer: Introduction The purpose of this report is to discuss the usefulness of different contextual factors in managerial decisions of an organization with the help of literature analysis. Decision making is considered as a vital component for the success of any business. The decisions that are based on the foundation of sound reasoning and knowledge could lead any organization into ...

ITC254 Wireless Networks Assignment

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Question1: Discuss the usage of a virtual private network in establishing an encrypted secure communications channel between two points on a public network. Answer: Virtual private network is basically a technology which helps in creating safe as well as encrypted connection over a network such as internet. It basically provides one with online privacy and anonymity for creati...

The Issue of Debentures by A Company

Related : Accounts

Answer: A legal document that denotes a safe means by which a creditor can lend money to the borrower is called a Debenture. One of the important sources of finance for large companies is the company debenture, besides, the equity stocks, bank loans, and bonds. Certain procedures need to be followed for the issue of debentures with the motive of raising money. There are various ways o...

Types of Debentures

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Answer: There are different types of debentures like redeemable, irredeemable, convertible, non-convertible, fully secured, partly secured, mortgage, unsecured, the bearer, fixed and floating rate, zero coupon, and many others. The classification of the type of debentures is based on the tenancy, redemption, mode of redemption, convertibility, security, transferability, type of intere...

Introduction to Debenture and The Related Terms

Related : Accounts

Answer: Let us start with the basic introdcution and know about the debetures and other terms that are related to it. What is a debenture?  In corporate finance, a medium or a long-term debt instrument that the large companies use with the purpose of borrowing the amount at a particular interest rate is known as a DEBENTURE. A debenture is a legal term that refers to a document ...

Security Management and Migration

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Task-1: Cloud architectures: AWS Hybrid Cloud Architecture: This is one of the cloud architecture which could be implemented by MetaSoft for achieving their business objectives. It is basically the combination of public and private cloud. The advantage of this model is that this it could easily be located at off-premises and security of all the data of an organization could ea...

Project Vision Document- New Access System

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Introduction to the New Access System The report is about the New Access System which is an initiative taken by Headspace organization for providing an online health support services to the patients suffering from the mental problem. The implementation of the new access system would help the youth of 17-25 with a support for their day to day life stress. The system would be c...

Implementation of BYOD Technology

Related : Information Technology

Answer: 1. Executive Summary BYOD is one of the approach or trend that the organizations are being forced to contend with. BYOD is Bring Your Own Device approach which allows the employees of the organizations to bring their own computing devices like- smartphones and laptops to work effectively and even to incorporate all of them within the corporation network instead of using the de...

Artificial Intelligence

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Introduction Artificial Intelligence is used by all the sectors in current scenario. Artificial Intelligence is the technology which has the ability of making smarter decision making as made by the human beings, therefore due to this feature of artificial intelligence, Artificial Intelligence is used in all the sectors. For determining the settings of internal parameters in la...

Different types of Biometrics

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Answer: Biometric refers to the life measurements but usually it is associated with the use of the different and unique physiological features for identifying an individual. There are different types of biometrics which measures the biological traits for the verification and identification purposes of an individual.  Since, the passports, IDs can be copied, therefore more sophisti...

Tools of Financial Analysis

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Answer: The financial statement analysis is performed in a good number of ways by making use of different tools and techniques. The financial statement analysis is used by various groups of users. There may be people who might be interested in some tools and uninterested in some others. Here are some of the various tools and techniques: Comparative statements The comparative sta...

Importance of Financial Statements Analysis

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Answer: The financial statement analysis is important as it has the utility to satisfy the different interest lines of the various sections of the parties like the management, creditors, public etc. are laid down. Importance to Management There is a need for the scientific and analytical strategy in the management of today’s enterprises. This is because of the growth in the...

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