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Weekly Progress Report: Security Framework for IOT

Related : Information Technology

Answer:   NAME:   PROJECT TITLE: Security Framework for IOT WEEK NO:  2 DATE: 10-12-2018   PLANNING Project Initiation MILESTONE: PLANNED: ACTUAL: COMMENT: Understood technology and identified issues 10-12-2018 14-12-2018 10-12-2018 14-12-2018 &nb...

Assessment Item 1 Security Framework for IOT

Related : Information Technology

Answer: About me: Who are you? What do you do? What is your Experience and Interest in this Project? Project Title: Security Framework for IOT. Blog Site Address: You need to generate a blog site address for this section. Project Problem Domain: IOT has become a widely used technology in these days and it has been implemented in various sectors such as education sector, healthcare...

Analysis of Tim Hortons

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Summary This report includes the discussion of a company which is recognized for its versatile menu and the name of that company is Tim Horton’s Inc. This company was originated as Tim Donut Limited which later on changed to the TDL Group. Tim Horton’s which is a Canadian restaurant was founded on 17 May, 1964 in Ontario and its headquarters are at Ontario (Canada)...

Solution: Wireless Networks Assignment

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Question1: Discuss the usage of a virtual private network in establishing an encrypted secure communications channel between two points on a public network Answer 1: Data travelling through private networks is considered to be more susceptible to interceptions, as such connection do not use appropriate security standards. When Virtual Private Network is used, a private tun...

Impact of Sustainable Development in Construction Industry

Related : Research Paper

Answer: Introduction Sustainable development which is also known as ecological development is responsible for fulfilling the demands of present world without any compromise to the needs of the future generation. the report is formulated containing a research question, research purpose and an approach to do a research. on the basis of research question, hypothesis is formulated and mi...

ICT in Business operations of courier company

Related : Information Technology

Answer: The role of Information Communication and Technology is can be found in storing, manipulating, distributing and processing the information. Over the past years, ICT has provided the businesses with valuable application that has replaced the conventional modes of businesses. In context to it, the following essay is going to explain the usage and value of information and communic...

Analyzing Impact of Employee Motivation on Employee Performance

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Executive summary The research aims to analyze the impact created by employee motivation on employee performance. For identifying and analyzing such impact, the research is conducted in which the purpose of the report is stated along with the discussion on the research topic. This research report also contains the related work, research questions, hypothesis, data collection, ...

Relation between Job performance and Job Involvement

Related : Management

Answer: Introduction This research aims to provide information and knowledge regarding Job Involvement and Job performance. In this report literature review of different research articles is done for analyzing the relationship between Job Performance and Job Involvement. Definitions of Job involvement and job performance are provided in this research report. Historical background on j...

Internet of Things Application for Smart Cities

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Abstract The main aim of the report is to determine the importance of Internet of Things as an emerging technology and its application field in the field of smart city named as smart/ intelligent transport system. The research mainly aims to find the way through which the transportation systems can be improved with the implementation of smart devices and smart services in cont...

Case Study: Information System Analysis & Design (Go Help Me)

Related : Information Technology

Answer: The report is conducted for the charitable organization which is run by the group of volunteers and chairperson named as Alex Smith. Alex started a movement for homeless people by using crowd funding. In the present scenario, the organization uses free messaging services for gathering fund related notifications. As the existing manual system used by the organization lagging in ...

Reflective Paper: Engineering Management for a Sustainable

Related : Engineering

Answer: Part A Draft Submission Topic 1: Environmental Ethics for Engineers I have attended workshop 1 in which I learned about the environmental ethics for the engineers. I have learned that there are number of ethics included for the engineering in order to manage the obtain the sustainable construction. From the workshop, I came to know that ethics can be said as the courage in ...

Review: Lean Construction LC

Related : Information Technology

Answer: AbstractLean construction is the new management approach which has the capacity to make original and advanced changes in the construction industry. The principle of the lean construction mainly focuses on the development of new material with waste minimization that contributes to the sustainable construction as well as in enhancing the productivity of the construction related p...

Assessment 3 Project Charter

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Project description The report is in accordance with Globex corporation initiative to start training and apprenticeship program for high school students which help them stand in growing competitive world. The organization has thought to develop a new inventory based information system which can provide easy management of information. The new information system will collaborate...

Assessment 2: Team Work and Reflection

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Team name The development team is named as” THAS builders”. The team members involved in the development process are briefed below as such: Unique id Name E-mail address Role 13546 ABC Project manager 65468 ABC System analyst 68995 ABC Devel...

Assessment 1: Project Management Methodologies

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Que 1. Define what a methodology is and the role it serves in project management. Methodology, is defined as set of rules or instructions that are carried out during development of project to control sub processes and ensures the success of project through effective decision making and problem solving techniques. In general, it is a procedure to avoid failure and reduce risks ...

Assessment 4 Maria and ISA

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Question 1 199 instructions are given. To compute opcode bit, given bits are compared with formula 2n. It is founded that replacing n with 9 is satisfying our current requirement due to which 8 bits are enough for opcode (28 >= 199). Subtract opcode bits from bits in the word to obtain address part bits i.e. Bits in a word (24) – (8) Opcode bits. Hence, 16 bits are...

Assessment 2 Data Representation DIgital Logic

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Question 1: - Answer 0x2ED1 to Binary The converted value is obtained by mapping is given a hexadecimal number with binary representation. Binary Representation for each number is given below: - 2 – 0010 E - 1110 D - 1101 1 – 0001 Combining from top to bottom, final converted value is 0010111011010001. −29.6610 to Binary Division Method is u...

Case Study: Information System Analysis & Design

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Introduction The report is conducted for the charitable organization which is run by the group of volunteers and chairperson named as Alex Smith. Alex started a movement for homeless people by using crowd funding. In the present scenario, the organization uses free messaging services for gathering fund related notifications. As the existing manual system used by the organizatio...

Lean Project Management

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Lean Project Management As companies work of various projects, which include products, development, services or processes etc. In order to this, to manage projects by focusing on continuous improvements of the process, lean project management uses data-driven methods. Mainly lean project management emphasizes quality, data analysis, improved cross-functional team works, increa...

Chief Information Security Officer

Related : Information Technology

Answer: CISO Chief Information Security Officer As higher investments are made in information security, there is a higher demand for senior-level of cyber security professionals. The chief information security information sometimes referred as the chief information officer (CIO). It has highest ranking of cyber security executives and has the responsibilities to establish and maintai...

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