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Case study- Bell Studio

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Background You are appointed as a business analyst at Bell Studio, which is a wholesaler of art supplies at Adelaide. The inventory of Bell Studio comes from the manufacturers of Australia, China, Japan, and New Zealand. The Accounting system followed by the company is a centralized system with networked terminals at different locations. The expenditure cycle procedures follow...

Case Study: Oral B Braun 5000 Electric Toothbrush

Related : Technology

Answer: Oral B is an oral hygiene product selling brand which manufactures and sell oral health products such as kinds of toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Electric toothbrushes and mouthwashes, oral irrigators and other interdental products such as dental floss. The brand was started by Multinational company The Gillette in 1950, in 2006 the ownership of Oral –B was transferred to anoth...

Case Study: OZ Dispatch Network Design

Related : Technology

Answer: The scenario is all about OZ dispatch which is one of the prominent firms of Australia which offers home delivery services. It’s headquarter is located in New South Wales, Australia. However, the company wants to design a network design for its offices in NSW. Company has signed a legal contract document for the overall network design for the betterment of their services....

Case Study: AusCotton

Related : Information Technology

Answer: AusCotton is a Multinational Company Manufacturing Winter and Summer Outdoor sports apparel. The range of winter outer clothing includes Ski Jackets, fleece, windbreakers and footwear. The summer range is totally different which includes running attires like shorts, shirts, windbreakers, backpacks, hydration systems, and footwear. The headquarters of the company is in Geelong b...

Case Study: Sapphire Energy

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Sapphire Energy provides reliable electric service to customers residing near Ballarat, Melton, Wodonga, Geelong, Sunbury, Bendigo, Mildura, Shepparton, Traralgon, and Wangaratta, etc. To deliver the electricity the major material that is extensively used is 1/0 AWG aluminum triplex cable. This cable is most reliable to deliver the electricity from the distribution pole of elec...

Case study: Laburnum Group

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Background: Laburnum Group Laburnum Group was established as Victorian Farmers’ Cooperative in 1920, now it has grown into one of the largest listed companies of Australia having headquarters in Victoria, Australia. The business model of the company is very diversified covering home improvement, office supplies, chemicals, energy, industrial and safety products and cloth...

Case Study - Ryanair: The Low-fares Airline, Future Directions

Related : Finance

Answer: Overview of Ryanair: In July 2012, Ryanair operates 1500 flights per day from 51 bases on 1500 routes in 28 European countries, which is connecting 165 destinations. It is operating a fleet of 294 new Boeing 737- 800 aircraft, and over the next year 11 aircrafts required to be delivered. Ryanair was founded by the Ryan family in the year 1985. It was providing scheduled passeng...

Case Study: Eat Organic Food

Related : Information Technology

Answer: PART 1Eat Organic Food is an organization that produces food that is organically certified. It was established by using lan’s backyard which made use of neighbors’ unused land. The business of this organization has been expanded in recent years which has made return of Ian to his family property that was earlier been used as dairy farm. After returning Ian has made ...

Case Study: Uber

Related : Information Technology

Answer: This case study is all about Uber which is one of the prominent firms in today’s world. Every day, almost 3-4 million of Uber drivers spend over 8.5 million hours by logged into the company’s ride-hailing application. Due to this excellent scale, Uber becomes the most important test case for the gig economy and for the arrangement of the new economy where workers on...

Case Study: No Name Aircraft

Related : Information Technology

Answer: CEO Adam O Meara of “No Name” Aircraft has increasingly concerned about overall enterprises profits.  He was worried about the company’s takeover. Suddenly Adam realizes that he needs to increase his stakeholders, return on Investment and achieve a higher level of share base or price. Then this international firm may be stepped at a risk end and this mean...

IoT Research Report: Milestone 1

Related : Information Technology

Answer: Introduction In order to write an annotated bibliography paper first, individuals have to select an appropriate research topic, which are on high demand nowadays. Some of the popular topics which can be chosen are: IoT Mining Industry, RFID, IoT Devices and Next Generation Manufacturing, IoT in Automobile Industry, IoT Revenue Model challenges, Future of Fog Domain, IoT and Da...

West Plus: Cloud Accounting System

Related : Cloud Computing

Answer: Case Overview West Plus is an accounting organization situated in Broome, Western Australia, and this organization has a large client base that is spread over Western Australia i.e. from Kununurra to Warburton to Carnarvon. Partnership team of West Plus has researched and found Cloud Accounting System beneficial and are now moving towards this system and making also making th...

Impact of CSR strategies on the Overall Performance of John Holland

Related : Marketing

Answer: Research background and justification John Holland operates across Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand and has been included in the projects of every territory and state in Australia. John Holland was founded in 1948 by its namesake sir John Holland. The company was taken over in 1991by Heytesbury Pty Ltd. the sustainability pathway of John Holland is a framework which ...

How to build an effective project charter for your project

Related : Management

Answer: Project Charter Project Charter is a major part of the project which sets out the projective objectives, detailed activities included in the project, involved stakeholders, roles and responsibilities, deliverables and the main authority for the project. Project charter is used as a guideline for the project and acts as an important material in terms of organizational knowledge...

Strategic Management Analysis Of Fiserv

Related : Management

Answer: Task 1: Identification of the Company’s strategy and Key success FactorsThe first step in strategic management analysis of Fiserv is identification of the company’s strategies and its key success factors. These are-1. Action to gain the sales and market share- By providing high quality of the services such as payments, processing services, customer and channel manag...

Gallup strength finder test

Related : Management

Answer: Introduction It is very necessary for an individual to know his strengths and weaknesses and to become self-aware of the capabilities and the area of improvement. Gallup strength finder test is very significant and important source ton identify the strengths of an individual which is helpful for him to evaluate itself as a leader and what he/she needs to improve in future. The...

Strategic Management Analysis of Movio

Related : Management

Answer: Task 1: Identification of the Company’s strategy and Key success Factors1. Actions to strength firm’s bargaining position with suppliers- Movio undertakes the strategy of customer loyalty member programs for its suppliers and others stakeholders. 2. Action to gain the sales and market share- The methods used for acquiring the market share and sales is by undertaking...

User Interface design for Cinema Hall Application

Related : Cloud Computing

Answer: Task overview The task of this assignment is to develop an interactive user interface design for the Cinema Hall application. This design is prepared with the help of an impressive wireframe designing tool. In this report, the responsibilities of all team members regarding the designing and development of an impressive user interface was discussed along with the factors that ...

ITC556 Assignment 3 Normalisation

Related : Information Technology

Answer: What is Normalization? Normalization is the database design technique which helps in organizing table in a manner which helps in reducing redundancy and dependency of data which exists within the tables. It is also responsible for dividing larger tables to smaller tables and link them using relationships. Normalization is mainly used for two purposes which are as follows: &bull...


Related : Cloud Computing

Answer: Project overview The assignment is all about the evaluation of designed user interfaces for different usability issues. It’s easy to evaluate any design with the help of different frameworks of it such as- Molich heuristic, Neilsen, and DECIDE etc. Moreover, the issues that might affect the usability experience of a user is also discussed in the following report. After t...

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