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Cause and effect essays are the other sub-category of the essays which includes one or more paragraphs examine the cause and the effect of an event. In this article, you will come to know about the structure and how to use it to create a compelling piece of essay. Moreover, I have something for the students who have a detesting attitude towards the work. Do not worry; the blog is a combination of tips and the best help which will land you on the smoothest platform confirming your excellent grades.


Know about the cause and effect essays


This type of an essay has a resemblance to the reasons and the discussion of the results of some event. It is the reason behind the name. In the academic writing task, these get the tag of the most common form of the writing task. Such types of essays are flexible, that means it is not necessary that you need to write the whole content in the cause and effect form. You can even put a small portion of the essay in this format. And, yes, you can also use one from the two, either the cause or the effect. But it would be better than you use this for the short essays.


Structure of a cause and effect essay


The two main characteristics of the structure of the cause and effect essay use a block and a chain structure. These two are similarto the constructionof the problem-solution essays.

  1. Block structure- In this, you need to list the causes first. After this, the effects have to be listed.
  2. Chain structure- The name specifies everything. In this type of arrangement, each cause has to be followed immediately by the effect. The effect of the previous structure is the cause for the next. That is why the name.

If you want to know which is the best amongst the two, both of them have their merits. But if you are about to write a short essay, then go to the block structure.


How to write a cause and effect essay following the block structure?


  1. Write the introduction to the topic
  2. Mention the first cause
  3. Incorporate the second cause
  4. Write the transition sentence or the paragraph
  5. Now, it’s time to write the effect of the primarycause
  6. Support the second cause with its effect
  7. Conclude the essay


Writing the cause and effect essay in the chain structure


  1. Introduce your audience and the reader to the main point of your essay
  2. Write the first cause and the corresponding effect and the cause 1
  3. Now, mention the second cause of the event on which you are writing
  4. Writing the third cause and the combination of the effect and the cause
  5. Writing the conclusion is the last step


How can writing the cause and effect structure affect your writing?

If you are clear in the cause that is the reason of the event and the effect which is the result, then the cause and the effect words can transmit the signals. That is using the correct transition of the words,and the phrases can show the relationships. Never forget that the first thing that happens is the cause and the other is the effect.


So, these are points which you should consider while writing a compelling piece of essay. Moreover, if you are a student and your teacher has assigned you the task, then you need to be very careful. You also do not have an option to overlook it. The high accreditation value and the importance of presenting the paper on-time make it a superior work. Earlier, the students could score high marks by performing well in their examinations, but now you need to push your limits to reach that level. The on the dot submission of the academic paper is the first thing which you should learn.


The skills and the proficiencies which you need to write an excellent essay

  1. Researching abilities
  2. Acquaintances of the topic
  3. Writing and the data presenting abilities
  4. Capability to manage the time and schedule the entire day effectively
  5. Leaving behind the procrastinating attitude
  6. Knowledge of the technique of Bloom’s Taxonomy


The list has several other elements. But these are some of the most common skills which the students must have to ace the academic writing work.

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