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Balsamiq is defined as a rapid tool related to Wireframing that assists you to work smarter and faster. It reproduces or rebuilt the experience regarding designing on the whiteboard with the use of a computer. Creating the wireframes is faster. Balsamiq shines while early stages related to designing of the new interfaces. Balsamiq is known as a zenware which means that it will assist in getting “in the zone” as well as stay there. Balsamiq provides the same speed as well as the rough feel as similar to the pencil sketch, with the benefit related to the digital medium such as rearrange elements and drop/drag to resize, create some changes without initiating over.

Basic Terminology and Concepts

Below steps contains some basic components related to Balsamiq:

  • UI Control: A standard UI “widget” such as image, button and dialogue The building blocks related to any wireframe.
  • Canvas: Canvas is the grid-lined areas where we place the UI controls.
  • UI Library: It is row related to UI controls that can be dragged against the canvas.
  • Property Inspector: It is a configuration panel which contains some common actions such as alignment and layering as well as properties that are specific to every user interface control.

Installation of Balsamiq

This program is available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows and it can be run for the Google Drive Jira and Atlassian Confluence as a plug-in by Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

Simple steps to getting started in Balsamiq

Balsamiq is considered as an amazing tool of prototyping that can be utilized to make the wireframes as well as mockups of several applications. The steps for getting started the Balsamiq are as follows:

Step 1: Download the Balsamiq

Firstly, you have to download the Balsamiq from and need to download the desktop application and others as per requirement.

Step 2: Making the mockup

Secondly, you have to create the mockup where a new mockup is called as a new screen to the application.

Step 3: Different features of tool

There is an icon of project properties on the top right where the user can set the entire properties related to the project like skin, colours, description and font.

Step 4: Creating the screen

In the fourth step, the screen is created which is considered as the last step for downloading the Balsamiq.

Balsamiq mockups are described as a design tool of a user interface for making the wireframes which are also known as mockups or low-fidelity prototypes. You can utilize it to produce the digital sketches of the ideas of the product to facilitate the understanding and discussion before writing any code. Each Balsamiq mockups file which is kept with .bmpr file extension signifies single project as well as also involve several images and mockups that are kept together in a single file in type of .bmpr. Mockups for distinct projects should be made in separate files of Balsamiq Mockups. To create one new project you have to select project > New project from the main menu.

The user interface of Balsamiq mockups is made up of five different primary areas such as UI Library, the toolbar, the properties panel and the navigator panel. The toolbar contains a range of different icons for executing actions on some other areas related to user interface. The UI library is known as a long strip related to UI controls just below the shown toolbar. The mockup canvas is the major working area regarding Balsamiq Mockups. The navigator panel is shown in the left side between the lists of several mockups. The quick add tool is called as the fastest method to add new UI controls to the mockup.  

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