Why Most Organizations Choose SAAS Model for Cloud Deployment

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Generally speaking, cloud computing has majorly three service deployment models which include PaaS (platform as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and SaaS (software as a service) which has their capabilities and features. Software as a service provider will provide a platform to the organisation on their premises to run various applications. It is sometimes referred to as “software on demand” sometimes as it is deployed on demand of the consumer which is accessed via the internet using their conveniences such as laptop or desktop. SAAS can be defined as a licensed application for the consumer as per their requirement through a subscription plan. The approach used in SAAS model is a part of utility computing model, in which several services provided by the cloud are accessed over the internet. Some of the key services provided by SAAS model are:

  • Desktop as a Service: DaaS (vertical market ASPs)

Exponentially growth in the use of virtualisation technology is leading the technology to a new range of various service provisions which makes the technology beyond limitation. SaaS offers virtual desktop in which various services can be acquired on a virtual space rather than installing the applications on the local computer or server. The window of desktop or PC acts as a window to acquire the various services provided by SaaS which are hosted by your cloud providers. It can create your desktop, host your desktop, back up your desktop and also can maintain your desktop. It is a good to approach for the staff using a regular set of software to carry out the routine operation of the organisation.

  • Delivery of single ASP

This approach is suitable for a small or medium-sized organisation which offers the organisation to gain access to a single application which is useful to them at one extreme.

  • Delivery of suite of ASP

This approach of SaaS provides a wide range of applications which are required for the specific business purpose to carry out their routine operational activities in a specific industry. In a large sized organisation, it can include office automation which provides word processing, emails, spreadsheet capabilities, storage etc. 

  • Delivery of simple application

It provides the common and open source ASPs to the consumers which include familiar organisations like Facebook, Yahoo!, Email, Hotmail etc. for instance Google provides Office 360 suite with the capabilities of emails, word, excel sheets, calendar, PowerPoint and Google wave communication platform.

Some of the key characteristics of SaaS can be described as follow:

  1. Centralized activity management, so that applications can be accessed over the internet rather than installing it on every individual’s offsite desktop space.
  2. Offers network-based access and management for the commercially available software.
  3. Centralized and automatic feature updates as per the requirement of organisations which eliminates the need for downloading patches and updates.
  4. The one-to-many model enables typically application delivery which includes architecture, pricing, partnering and other management characteristics.

Some of the advanced key characteristics of SAAS can be determined as follows:

  • It offers embodiment of best-recognised
  • Offers fast release or new and updated features.
  • Frequent requests from consumers.

Advantages of SAAS

  1. Ease of accessibility: software as a service is easy to access as it is accessible via the internet using a laptop or desktop. All it requires is a stable internet connection for running cloud-hosted applications smoothly. It offers the remote access to the applications regardless of the device and physical location.
  2. Trouble-free upgrade: Upgrading an existing software or hardware is a cumbersome task which requires time and efforts. Usually, organisations don’t want to spend extra money on the IT workforce to maintain the IT infrastructure which in turn leaves the software vulnerable to various cyber attacks. However, opting for SAAS can eliminate a such headache as it provides automatic and trouble-free upgradations which make SAAS capable of bearing a significant amount of workload to carry out the routine operational activities of an organisation.
  3. Effortless scalability: Growth in business is a good thing until and unless it becomes harder to handle which can be trouble for organisations. SAAS offers high scalability which enables the organisations to scale up or down the features as per their requirements. All they have to do is to upgrade the existing subscription plan for SAAS software.
  4. Highly resilient: Applications provided by SAAS is placed in the cloud which makes it easy to sort out any disaster or damaged caused by the service provider. The routine operations can be backed up easily from a remote location with the establishment of a reliable internet connection.

Disadvantages of SAAS

  1. Inadequate data security: on any platform, data security is always the top major concern for the organisation looking for SAAS based application model. Access management or identity management is the most frequently reported issues which must be addressed.
  2. Cumbersome data mobility: SAAS market is filled with start-ups and half of them are not even aware of the services they offer and the maintenance of services offered by them which makes the mobility of SAAS cumbersome. Organizations must be prepared with an exit strategy in case they are not satisfied with the provided services.
  3. The difficulty with regulations: when the data is business critical, adopting SAAS is not a good option as it can result in difficulty in enforcing compliance regulations. Organizations must be aware of various compliance regulations before adopting SAAS approach.

SharePoint 2013 is a versatile tool which is used by the organisation for collaboration; productivity and other IT base utilities which are helpful in carrying out the business-oriented operations. SharePoint server is a dedicated server which enables the organisation with several benefits of efficient business operations. For the effective migration of SharePoint from a dedicated server to cloud-hosted server, the organisation must develop and analyse a migration plan which includes:

  • Permissions
  • Number of users
  • Features
  • Integration
  • Dependencies over other applications
  • Customizations

Above gives, points must be considered while migrating SharePoint onto the cloud. SaaS can be the best available approach for migration of SharePoint as Microsoft 365 suite offers sufficient capabilities to utilise the optimised use of SharePoint. 

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