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Whenever business makes decisions regarding considering the cloud services for application or infrastructure deployment, it is one of the important things to grasp the fundamental differences between the core categories of cloud services which are available. Cloud is a broad concept and it covers every aspect every possible sort of online service but, whenever business refers to cloud procurements, there are mainly three models that are considered during this namely SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Each of these models has their intricacies, but today we will help you in developing an understanding of high-level differences especially between PaaS and SaaS.


In few cases, SaaS is quite similar to the old thin client models of the software provision where the clients provide the access points for the software running on servers. SaaS is one of the most familiar forms of service for the consumers. It helps in moving the responsibilities of software management and its deployment to a third party service. One of the most familiar SaaS applications for any business is customer relationship management applications such as Salesforce, Google Apps as well as some of the storage solutions like Box and Dropbox. Making use of SaaS applications helps in reducing the ownership costs by reducing the need for the technical staff for installation management, management, upgrading the software as well as reducing the licensing software costs. The SaaS applications are mostly provided on the subscription models.


PaaS operates at a lower level as compared to SaaS, and it typically provides a platform for developing and deploying the software. PaaS providers help in abstracting much of work dealing with servers and providing their clients with an environment in which OS, server software and underlying server hardware, network infrastructure thus enabling the business to focus more onto their scalability, application development. PaaS is mainly built with the help of virtualisation technology. The businesses can provide requisite resources when required rather than making investments in hardware resources. Some common examples of PaaS includeHeroku, Red Hat’s OpenShift, Google App Engine.

Reasons why migrating to SaaS is the best option

The business models have been significantly evolving alongside with the technology development, and whenever it comes to making the right choice for the business, you are often advised to consider the future effects that your selection can make on your business and how to surpass the competition. As a business operator, you are obliged to commit and make use of best, most secure as well as a valuable tool that can allow your team to focus more on performing their allocated jobs. Top five reasons for which a business should update their on-premises systems to cloud-based systems are:

  • It is one of the cost-effective service models as only the software is leased in this.
  • SaaS requires minimal planning and also it is quite easy to set up.
  • SaaS offers a rapid deployment of the software is provisioned completely when demanded.
  • The responsibility for the application management is entirely on the SaaS providers.

Moving to SaaS

If business desires to restrict only the business or the technical changes, this transition leads to having higher costs and the poor adoption of SaaS. SaaS is quickly becoming one of the biggest questions for the business that are facing business challenges. Especially, the rise in companies such as Salesforce.com and some more organisations performs reevaluation for whether buying or not buying on-premise software. Total economics remains a major consideration in the decision making, and there are other several tangible and intangible factors which remain a great concern for the organisations. Major reasons why organisations must consider moving to SaaS are as follows

  • Reduced ownership costs

During the evaluation of purchasing decisions, there are various companies which compares the prices of on-premise software with the SaaS subscription’s recurring costs. In case of SaaS model, there are various costs which have been listed in the subscription costs and leads to a reduction of total ownership costs and complexity.

  • Reduced resource costs

Annual costs of owning as well as managing the resources and software applications are four times in case of an on-premise solution. Internal resources costs can be minimised with the help of SaaS which further adds to the economic advantages of the organisations.

  • Innovation access

Once an on-premise software solution is bought, it is expected that the technology starts ageing with the passage of time. For staying in touch with the latest updates and the innovations, time intensive, as well as the costly upgrade, is what that is required. The beauty of using SaaS lies in staying in touch with the latest trends.

Microsoft Exchange 2012

Microsoft Exchange 2012 is mail server which has been developed by Microsoft. It runs exclusively on Windows Server OS. Microsoft Exchange reached another milestone after the release of Exchange 2013. The 2013 edition of Exchange 2013 is less complex as compared to its previous versions. This was built on the previous Exchange server 2010 but was redesigned aiming to provide simpler installation and ease of management with minimised complexities.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 makes it easy as well as convenient to work together and securely on documents, team projects. You can simply feature and support a project by exploring the feature option of SharePoint 2013. It offers a flexible and a reliable hub for teamwork. Essential features provided by SharePoint 2013 includes user interfaces updates and increased number of ways for sharing and discovering. The user interface in SharePoint 2013 is basically reorganised into three hubs namely OneDrive, Newsfeed and Sites. Instead of having “shared” or “private” documents, SharePoint 2013 allows you to share and store personal documents in a single a personal library which is accessible from everywhere. The callout features in document library display set of commands as well as contextual information for each of the document. “Share” command allows to share and control documents quickly. It also supports development, installation and usability of apps for the smaller applications which can solve specific needs.

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