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Definition of Predictive SDLC model

Predictive SDLC model is defined as an approach that assumes the entire project can be planned as well as that the new project or information system can be designed and developed as per the plan.

Traditional Predictive Approaches to the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

In all the projects, there must be some activities associated with the initiation of the project, planning of the project, analysis, project design, implementation and deployment. Each of these activities is known as a phase. There is also another phase which is called as support that consists of a list of those ongoing tasks or activities to handle the system when it is in the production stage. It involves six different phases that are discussed below:

  • Initiation

 It is considered as an initial stage in which all the activities that are being done in the project are detected, approved as well as budgeted appropriately.

  • Planning

 In this phase, different activities are involved related to the project scope, plan as well as scheduling of the entire work along with identification of all needed resources.

  • Analysis

In this particular phase, the activities regarding the understanding of requirements of users are involved.

  • Design

It involves different activities to describe as well as structure the complete solution system.

  • Implementation

It involves programming activities as well as some other activities to develop the database and solution.

  • Deployment

It involves the activities related to the conversion of data, final testing as well as putting the entire system into the production.

In SDLC, the waterfall model is known as a most predictive model. It assumes several phases regarding the project that can be accomplished sequentially which means one phase leads into another phase or next phase.

Different advantages and disadvantages of waterfall model

There are many benefits and limitations of waterfall model that are discussed below:

Advantages of Waterfall SDLC model

  1. The waterfall model is very easy and simple to use and understand than other models.
  2. It is very simple to handle due to rigidity regarding the model in which all the phase has specific deliverables as well as a review procedure.
  3. In the waterfall model, all the phases are processed as well as accomplished one at a time which means phases don’t overlap with each other.
  4. It is considered as a very useful model for the small projects as the requirements in small projects are well understood.
  5. In the waterfall model, the progress of the system is appropriately measurable.
  6. In this model, the output is produced after every stage which means that it has very high visibility.
  7. This methodology is preferred for those projects in which quality is very necessary.

Disadvantages of Waterfall SDLC model

  • Once the project or application is in the testing stage, it is not easy to go back and make changes in the developed system.
  • There are very high amounts of uncertainty and risk.
  • It is not considered as an appropriate model for the object-oriented and complex projects.
  • Waterfall model is called as a poor model for ongoing and long projects.
  • It is not suitable for those projects where requirements are at a moderate to the risk regarding changing.
  • It is also known as a time-consuming model as compared to others which are considered as one of the major limitations of the waterfall

When to utilize Waterfall model

  • This model is only used when all the requirements regarding the project are clear, fixed and known.
  • The definition of the project is stable.
  • The technology is implicit appropriately.
  • There are no unclear requirements.
  • The project is small in size.

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