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What do you mean by MATLAB?

MATLAB is defined as a high-performance language which is used in the technical computing. It integrates visualization, programming and computation in a simple environment where all the problems, as well as solutions, are expressed in recognizable mathematical notation. The common use of MATLAB involves:

  • Math & Computation
  • Development of Algorithm
  • Simulation, Prototyping and Modeling
  • Visualization, Data analysis and exploration
  • Engineering graphics and scientific
  • Development of application, involving GUI (Graphical User Interface) building

MATLAB is defined as an interactive system whose basic element related to data is an array that doesn’t need dimensioning. It permits you to resolve several problems regarding technical computing, especially those with vector formulations and matrix, in a fraction related to the time that it would take for writing a program in a non-interactive scalar language, like FORTRAN or C.

MATLAB stands for the matrix lab also called matrix laboratory which was originally written to offer the simple access to the matrix software developed by the EISPACK and LINPACK projects that mutually characterize the state-of-the-art in the software for the computation of matrix.

It has evolved for several years with input from a number of users. In university environments, it is known as a standard instructional tool for the advanced and introductory courses in the engineering, mathematics and science. In industry, the MATLAB is called as a tool of the selection for the research related to high-productivity, analysis and development.

MATLAB is utilized by the scientists and engineers in several fields like communications, image as well as signal processing, control systems for the industries, the design of the smart grid, robotics and computational finance. MATLAB is created in the 1970s by the Cleve Moler who is the professor of computer science to help the students.

MATLAB provides various features related to application-specific solutions that are also known as toolboxes. These toolboxes permit to learn as well as apply the specialized technology.


The MATLAB system involves five major parts which are mentioned below:

  • The MATLAB language

The MATLAB is high-level array/matrix language with the statements related to control flow, data structures, functions, input/output as well as features regarding the object-oriented programming.

  • The MATLAB working environment

This is the collection of tools as well as facilities that are used by the user of MATLAB or the programmer. It involves various facilities for the management of variables at the workplace and data importing and exporting. It also involves different tools for managing, developing, debugging as well as profiling the applications related to MATLAB.

  • Handle Graphics

This is also known as MATLAB graphics system. It involves high-level commands for 2D and 3D data visualization, animation, image processing as well as presentation graphics. It also involves the low-level commands that permit the users to completely customize the graphics appearance and to develop the proper GUI (graphical user interface) on the applications of MATLAB.

  • Mathematical Function Library

It is a collection of several computational algorithms ranging from different elementary functions such as sine, sum, complex arithmetic and cosine to some more sophisticated functions such as matrix Eigenvalues, matrix inverse, fast Fourier transforms and Bessel functions.

  • MATLAB API (Application Program Interface)

This is known as a library which permits to write the FORTRAN programs and C that communicate with MATLAB. It involves various features and facilities for reading & writing MAT-files and calling a routine from the dynamic linking etc.

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