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The communication is defined as a two-way process wherein the message in the form of thoughts, ideas, opinions and feelings is transmitted between two or more than two persons with the intent of making a shared understanding. Simply, communication is an act of conveying intended information as well as understanding from one person to other. When the message conveyed by the sender is completely understood by the receiver than it can be called as effective communication. The communication is defined as a dynamic process that initiates with the conceptualizing of different ideas by the sender who then sends the message via a single channel to the receiver. The receiver than in turn provides the feedback in the form of some signal or message within the particular time frame. There are seven different major elements of the communication process that involve:

  1. Sender: a Sender is a person who conveys his ideas to other persons.
  2. Encoding: It is a process of converting the thinking, idea or some other component regarding the message into words, diagram, symbols, actions etc.
  3. Message: The suggestion, idea, guidelines, content, idea or feeling which is intended to be communicated is a message.
  4. Media: It is defined as a medium, route or message via which the encoded message is transmitted to the receiver by the sender. There can be several forms of media such as letters, face to face communication, television, e-mail, radio etc.
  5. Receiver: a Receiver is a person to whom the message has been conveyed or sent.
  6. Decoding: Decoding means translating the encoded message into the language comprehensible by the receiver.
  7. Feedback: It is called as a response which is being given by the receiver. It marks the accomplishment of the process of communication.
  8. Noise: Noise is the hindrance to the communication process. It can take place at any of the steps in the overall It decreases the accuracy regarding the communication, for example, Improper message decoding, an inattentive receiver, the distraction in the telephone lines etc.

Defensive Communication Behavior

Defensive behaviour is described as a behaviour that happens when a person perceives or anticipates threat in a group. An individual, who behaves defensively, even though that individual also provides some attention to the common task, devotes an appreciable part of individual’s energy to defend. Different categories of defensive behaviours involve:

  1. Evaluation: It is known as “you” statements as well as put the complete focus on another individual.
  2. Control: This is known as a second defensive behaviour which occurs when an individual is forcing a solution upon any other individual. It means that the speaker is creating a decision that impacts both the listener as well as the speaker without any consideration regarding the requirements of the listener.
  3. Strategy: It is another form of defensive behaviour that can be utilized when an individual feels threatened. This type is regarding the manipulation of another person to some other to come out on top.
  4. Neutrality: Neutrality is the fourth type of defensive behaviour that happens when the speaker has very little interest or concern in the conversation. It creates the listener feel unimportant and unwelcome. And, the opposite of neutrality is empathy.
  5. Superiority: It occurs when an individual believes that they are better than the listener and can be demonstrated by the way the speaker sends the message.
  6. Certainty: It is known as a final defensive behaviour. When communicators believe that they are right and other person is somewhere wrong and also not listens to the ideas of another person.

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