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The academic assignments are not only associated with technical aspects, but several assignments is also ethics based. The IT ethics assignments seem easy, but these assignments are complex assignments. The main element of these assignments is Ethical theories. The students must have adequate knowledge regarding different ethical theories. For the assignment like (ITC 506) IT Ethics- Applying Ethical Theories, students are required to go deep into the study of ethics and the ethical theories, for which the students keep on searching for assistance from online writing services.

What is Applying Ethical Theory?

In the assignments on applying ethical theory, the students would have to analyse any case or any situation through the assistance of various ethical theories. The students are required to conduct a study of the classical ethical theories like Utilitarianism theory, Deontology theory, Virtue theory and Contract theory. Only when the student would be having a proper understanding of the ethical theories and their principles, the analysis would then be conducted.

 What are the aspects needed to be covered in Applying Ethical Theory?

The writing work on the Applying Ethical Theory assignment would be done by focusing on the elements which are required to be covered. Stated below are the essentials to be included in the assignment:

  1. Introduction

The introduction to be written should include the description of the article which is being selected to be analysed through the ethical theories. The introduction should be able to demonstrate the information which the article is covering and what it is intended to be done in the assignment.

  1. Analysis of Ethical Theories

This is the main part of the assignment in which the analysis of the selected article is required to be done, focusing on the ethical theories which are mentioned. The classical ethical theories like Utilitarianism theory, deontology theory, virtue theory and contract theory are required to describe, mentioning the ethical constraints of all the theories. After the proper description of the theory, one by one each theory would be used to analyse the appropriateness of the aspect covered in the article.

  1. Conclusion and Recommendation

The assignment would then be summed up along with providing the suggestion associated with the topic of the article on properly analysing the ethical aspect associated with it.

  1. Referencing

The sources which are referred for the assignment should be properly mentioned through referencing in APA format.

Assistance for Applying Ethical Theory assignment

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