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Sustainability in the business also termed as corporate sustainability is management as well as co-ordination of social, financial and environmental demands to assure ethical and ongoing success. The objective of sustainability needs a highly expanded timeline for ROI, but when these initial investments are made, it leads to higher profitability.

Benefits of sustainable business

The sustainable business provides a range of benefits. All these practices assist an organisation:

  • Boost market share: Lean, effective businesses with a reputation for earth-friendly benefits now attracts large attention from new customers, savvy investors and press.
  • Save money: Implementing eco-friendly technologies and cutting down on waste in resources, energy and employee time creates significant annual savings.


Globalisation is a leading concept that becomes the main facet of business life in past decade. This process impacts the business life, economy, society and environment in distinct ways, and different corporations have been impacted by such changes. These forms of changes are linked to higher competition and rapid changes of information transfer. Globalisation results in higher competition. Competition can be linked to service and product price, technological adaptation, target market, rapid production and rapid response by organisations. When an organisation produces with decreased cost and sells cheaper than it can easily increase the market share.

Importance of globalisation in business

Globalisation helps to promote highly enhanced business processes either practical or technical financial strategy. The significance of globalisation in the business is certain because of its progress and innovation which aid businesses to stand firmly despite the financial crisis. Globalisation offers a rapid melting of industry culture across the world and development of an innovative market place for operating trade among physically apart people. Other significant benefits of globalisation are mentioned as beneath:

  • Generate trade opportunities: Creating various business establishments is one of the crucial aspects of globalisation. Using this, it provides advanced opportunities to export and import services and goods. Communication act as a powerful driver of globalisation. Also, globalisation is also linked with practical opportunities where persons are given abilities to work with intellectual skills.
  • Economic improvement: Globalisation provides advanced abilities to undeveloped countries by enabling them to link to new markets across the world. Globalisation also emphasize on an interior economic business plan where each entrepreneur offers distinct opportunities to the persons.
  • Provide outsourcing and procurement: The growth of the global market, as well as progressions in the intellectual interaction, makes business wealth as well as trade opportunities to source low-cost equipment and labour.

Principles of quality customer service

Customer service quality is an important differentiator among best, worst and indifferent organisations. There are several key principals of best customer services which always make a business sense.

  • Attract new consumer’s costs higher than retaining existing consumers: A satisfied client stays with an organisation longer, spends more and may strengthen the relationship.
  • Customer service costs real money: a Real cost is linked with offering customer services, and organisations spend in line with consumer’s value. When you are high-value consumer or have the ability to be a higher value, you are serviced more carefully.
  • Good process and product design are essential: Better quality customer service is the only vital factor in meeting the needs of customers. The processes and products that are well designed will fulfil the customer requirements more often.
  • Consistent customer services: Customers expect sound quality of customer services that are having a similar look and feel whenever they approach the organisation.
  • Open all communication channels: Customers need to contact you in various ways and will expect all these communication mediums to be open and conveniently inter-mingled.

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