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Infrastructure as a service is a technique of delivering storage, networking, computing and other abilities through the internet. IAAS allows organisations to use the web-based operating system, storage and applications without any need to purchase, support and manage the underlying cloud infrastructure.

How does it work?

The cloud

Similar to other cloud computing services, it offers access to the computing resources in the virtualised environment. Through IAAS, the customer is provided access to the virtualised elements for developing their unique IT platforms.

Virtualised hardware

Computing resources offered is particularly that of virtualised hardware, i.e. computing infrastructure. It involves offerings like network connections, virtual server space, load balancers and IP addresses.

Cloud servers

Physically, a pool of hardware resources is drawn from the multitude of networks and servers distributed among several data centres where service vendors are viable for maintenance.


IAAS provides a range of benefits to enterprise consumers for creating cost efficient and easily flexible IT solutions where difficulties of underlying hardware management are outsourced to service vendors.

Typical IAAS offers following features and benefits:

  • No hardware CAPEX: The underlying physical hardware that supports IAAS is deployed and managed by service providers, hence saves time and cost.
  • Location independence: Services are accessed from any place through the internet, as security protocol of cloud allows it
  • Scalability: Resources are accessible when they are required. Hence there is no latency is extending capacity or wastage of unused ability.
  • Utilise style costing: Services are accessible on demand and organisation requires paying for resources they use.
  • Physical security of data centre location: Services accessible via private or public cloud hosted externally with service providers.

Issues associated with IAAS

  • Downtime and technical difficulties: Downtime and outage have a higher possibility of occurrence while using cloud-based solutions even in case of best providers. The entire setup is entirely dependent on the web access, and connectivity relates concerns render the complete setup useless.
  • Limited control and scalability: Organisations are usually concerned regarding this fact that they practice restricted control over hardware and software as applications run on the third
  • Increased vulnerability: In context to security and privacy issues, these solutions are vulnerable to be exploited by malicious hackers. As there exist interdependency in the cloud system, compromise of own server in which data is saved might lead to exposure of secretive data.


Platform as a service is a form of cloud computing which offers platform as well as the environment to enable developers to develop services and applications over the web. The services get hosted on a cloud and accessible simply through web browsers.

How it works

Creation of software applications

It is used by developers from conception to development of applications

Pay per usage

It is paid for subscription basis, and customers pay for what they use. This sharing of underlying infrastructure leads to economies of scale

Choice of attributes

Customers can select the attributes they need by discarding others. Hence, they can select a service to suit their requirements.

Automatic upgrades

Services can constantly be upgrades with existing characteristics, and additional features are added


  • Makes development possible for non-professionals: With PAAS offerings, anyone can build application via web browsing with the help of one press functionality
  • Adaptability: Attributes can be changed according to the situation
  • Flexibility: Customers are given control over a tool which is deployed in their platform and generates platforms which suit their particular requirements.

Issues associated with PAAS:

  • Lack of interope rability: Diverse computation resources might leads to security breach when object’s access to resources cannot be managed in a standardised manner. This leads to a group of resources to halt or to set which is proved as secure for particular resources to be a breach for others.
  • SSL protocol and implementation flaws: Another greatest threat to users of PAAS will be SSL based attacks.

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