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In the field of information technology, the user interface is everything which is designed for the end users to interact with the information system. With the user interface, the individual can perform different actions on the information system. The user interface may include the screens, keyboard and mouse through which the user can interact with thesystem. The user interface and user experience are two things that are related to each other. A good user interface always gives the best experiences to the user. The design of user interface, content quality and response time of user interface are main components that increase the user experience of thewebsite. There are several software and tools available on the market that can be used to prepare dummy user interface of theinformation system. This will help to identify the issues and risks that may occur while developing theuser interface.

Which tools can be used to design dummy user interface design for an information system or website?

There are different tools and software are used to design theuser interface for theinformation system and website,and among them, Balsamiq Mockups tool is commonly used to prepare the designs of a user interface for the information system and website. In Balsamiq Mockups, it is easy to design user interface as there are many defined components available in it and the designer just need to drag and drop the components to prepare the design. Another big advantage of this software is that the linking of the pages can also be done in it in order to check the functionality of website or information system.

What is interactive design in the user interface?

Interactive design can be defined as the necessary component of auser interface for better user experience. The interactive design provides the better media of communication in between the people and information technology. The main keys of interactive design are the simple and clearly defined goals, a strong purpose and the understandable screen interface. There are mainly 5 dimensions of the interactive design such as Fonts used for the labels and buttons, visual representations, physical objects or space, response time and behaviour of the website or information system. There are 2 main design principles that are discussed by Donald Norman and Jacob Nielsen for interactive web design. These design principles are also known as Nielsen Norman design principles.

Difference between User Interface and User experience

The user interface and user experience are related to each other,but both are the different identities. The user interface is considered as the series of screens, pages and visual elements such as buttons, links and icons. These objects are used to make the interaction with devices by anindividual, whereas user experience is considered as the internal experience of an end user which is gained while interacting with every aspect of services and products provided by thecompany.User experience is generally focused on the user’s journey to solve the problem and user interface is about the design and presentation of product’s surfaces. The user interface usually considers the colour, design, information design around screens of the information system or website. On the other hand, theuser experience is about the complete experience of users from the website,and this cannot be even on thescreen.

What is usability in interactive design?

The usability in interactive design is considered abroader term of user experience which refers to the easy use of website or information system. The usability of website or information system is determined by the features, response with thecontext of auser of the website. There are mainly three outcomes of user interface such as:

  1. The interface of the website or information system must be easy to understand so that users become familiar with the content of thewebsite and feel free to use the website.
  2. The design of the user interface must be easy enough so that the users achieve their targets or goals in abetter manner through the website.
  3. The user interface must be easy to remember and recall so that the user could remember that how it works in first interaction and then use it freely after that.

The user experience is generally measured at the time of development of the website or information system from wireframes to prototypes to final deliverable.

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