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Information and communication technology is constantly advancing with the advancement in the requirement of the user. With the evolvement in the ICT, technology, as well as digitisation, is also evolving. ICT is being used in various sectors including education, industry, banking and business. E-learning is the new concept which enables students to learn even being distant from the schools/universities. Banking sectors make use of millions of transactions which are being handled with the ICT enabled tools to offer greater efficiency and make the procedures even faster. It is even being implemented in the industrial area to make the industry operations automatic. In the business enterprises, various ICT based services are being implemented for offering the competitive edge to the business enterprises over other available business enterprises. 

ICT in E-learning

Schools are the diverse set of offering to learn to the students. The primary source of learning is schooling which offer the primary learning to the students. In a traditional learning system, students hoes to an institutional block to acquire their studies. But ICT is evolving the learning environment by offering ICT based tools to communicate, disseminate, manage, create and store the information. ICT is becoming integral in some contexts by offering effective teaching-learning interaction. “Flipped classrooms” is the new concept proposed b y ICT team where students can acquire learning and classes through their electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, smart phones etc. by sitting at home/ workplace as it offers highly interactive environments. ICT enabled teachers to digitally literate their students using ICT tools and digitisation which leads to higher order thinking skills. Various policies are being enforced for the proper implementation of the ICT based education which can be very useful to the students who are working as well for earning their living due to the financial issues.  But there some major issues which must be discussed as the digitisation requires awareness about the digital culture and teachers must be familiar with the technology to offer high end learning to their students. But if they are not good with the technology they will not be able to interact properly with their students which make it necessary to spread awareness about the digital culture among the teachers and students as well.

ICT in Banking

Banking is determined as a sector which is relatively slow when it comes to embedding technology. There are various definitions given to the banking system, but it’s just a financial block which accepts deposits from several economic buildings and society. There are millions of transactions ate made on a daily basis, and it becomes complex to trace down every transaction made by the users or banking sector. Banking institutions may be government authorised or private, but government rules their governing enforced policies. In banking sectors, there are divergent views on the implement of ICT in the banking sector. Even banking consumers express that ICT is highly impacting the working and data flow of banking sectors. Net banking and online transactions have become way more popular, and people find comfort while making the transaction as they don’t have to make special efforts to make transactions. N traditional banking, they needed to visit banks for the transactions, but now all they need is an electronic device and a reliable internet connection. Security and privacy is the main concern in the implementation of the ICT within the banking sector which is resolved by implementing strong encryption standards and other security parameters which not only enhanced the use of ICT in the banking sector but also boosted up the confidence of the consumers to make frequent online transactions.

ICT in Industry

For establishing a sustainable working environment and industry, ICT is being implemented in the industrial area for the automated and efficient industrial work. Key ICT policy is enforced in the industries to fulfil the core requirements of the industry. The fundamental objective of embedding ICT is to interconnect the industries with the core operations so that development of the industries as well as workers can be encouraged. There are some technical requirements of the industries which can be effectively enhanced by industries. In today’s industrial landscape, various activities are made automated by implementing real time based applications and machinery. Implementing real time based machinery in the industrial sector not enhanced the operations of the industries but also reduced the accident rates in the industries. Major reason behind implementing the ICT based applications and a service within the organisation is to make the industrial production faster and offer the workers with effective health and security at the workplace. But industries should keep in mind that initial training and education must be provided to the workers for the efficient usage of the ICT based machinery so that crashing down of the machinery can be avoided.

ICT in business

With the dynamicity in today’s business, it is going through the rapid change and digitisation is its ultimate result. The procedures and business operations are becoming even faster and efficient with the implementation of ICT in the business environment. ICT is known for offering high end solutions to the business enterprises to gain a competitive edge over other similar business organisations. ICT offers greater services such as cloud computing, ERP system, CRM system etc. to leverage the enhanced services to business enterprises. Take the example of an Ecommerce website; it is capable of offering the services globally to the consumers and can virtually promote the products of the service providers. ICT encouraged the implementation and services of ecommerce which offers the better service offering to the consumers. Applications like CRM (customer relationship management) are another service enabled by ICT which can enhance the relationship between the business enterprise and consumers by offering great communication amongst them. Cloud services can also enhance the business operations such as storage capacity, computational capacity, and operational capacity etc. on-premises bases. The impact of ICT is quite effective over the business enterprises as well as society as it enhances the supply side mobile contents, social networks, mobile applications, ICT and accessibility etc.

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