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Understanding the Problem (System Analysis)

The Commonwealth Government of Australia is launching an online application for the individuals to check the record of their health online through this application. This new application is known as “My Health Record”. As system analyst of this project, the vision document for the given project is asked to prepare. While preparing the vision document of the project, the problem, capabilities and benefits of the new system in vision document.

Vision Document

A vision document is a statement that defines the high-level scope and purpose of program, product and project which is prepared for the organisation. In vision document, a clear statement of the problems, proposed solutions for the problems and high level of advantages of the new system are described that helps the company to grow and mitigate various risks. The vision document helps to explain that how the product owner or business analyst work together with stakeholders and create a vision document that explain all the necessary aspects of the system to the company. In the vision document, a proper outline is followed to complete the document as per requirement of the system.

Problem Statement

The problem statement is the major area in vision document in which the problems that will be mitigated by the new system are discussed. The problem statement in vision document explains the major problems that the company is facing with the current system. Along with this, the impact of the problem on stakeholders is also discussed in this section of vision document. The impact of the problem on the company and business are also discussed. In order to mitigate the issues, the possible solutions are prepared and discussed in this section. The list of benefits from the new system is also discussed in this.


The capabilities in vision document generally define the capability of a new system that what kind of functions can be performed by the system in the organisation. The system capabilities summarise the major benefits and features that the new system will provide to the organisation. It organises the functions so that the list is understandable to the customers or the other persons who are accessing vision document for the first time. In the capabilities of the system, the key features of the system are described that will help the company to understand that what kind of services the company can access the new system. Some of the capabilities of the new system are discussed as follows:

  1. Knowledgebase assists support personnel in quickly identifying the risks and possible fixes for problems.
  2. The problems with the new system will be uniquely itemised, classified and tracked through the resolution process. The automatic notification to the user occurs for any issue so that the possible mitigation plan could be adopted.
  3. Trend and distribution reports in the new system will enable a high-level review of the problem.
  4. With the help of replication server, the current database information can be easily distributed among different departments of the company.
  5. The knowledge base can be made easily available over the internet for the users which would make it easy for the employees and stakeholder of the company to understand the new


Describing the benefits of the new system is also necessary to include in the vision document. There are benefits that the new system may provide to the company in order to boost the business of the organisation. In this case, it is necessary to clearly describe the benefits that new system will provide to the organisation. Some of the benefits of a new information system to the company, as an example, are discussed as below:

  1. The new support staff of the company can easily understand and start working on the new system.
  2. With the help of new information system, the company can provide quick and accurate information to customers. This will help to improve the customer satisfaction as nothing will fall through the cracks with the new
  3. The management can identify the problem areas and gauge staff workload to reduce the stress or work pressure from them.
  4. With the help of new information system, the distributed support teams can work together to solve problems faced by the organisation.
  5. The new system will also improve the response time of the organisation.

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